Bursts FRB dreaded astronomers for nearly 20 years. Unfortunately, today failed to explain their origin. They last a millisecond, but bring with them the energy that the sun generates throughout the month.

For years, under investigation over an attempt to explain the source and nature of these mysterious phenomena, but the more we know about them, the farther we are from knowing the whole truth. At this time it is believed that it may be signals generated by black holes, pulsars implosions, the collision of neutron stars, or magnetars, and even the effect of travel in space aliens or one of their methods to establish contact with other civilizations.

Recently, scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, decided to use the technology of artificial intelligence to search FRB flashes on the basis of those registered so far. During the experiment, lasting five hours, we were able to identify as many as 72 new high-speed radio flashes from one source away from Earth three billion years of light, increasing their number up to 300. Despite the knowledge that the source is 3 billion light years from Earth, still we do not know its exact location, and the more we can not identify what the object generates these flashes.

It is worth noting that not all the flashes come from the same place and are so energetic. In April this year detected 30 new FRB flashes that lasted just 2 milliseconds. But it was enough, he would have been immediately recognized by astronomers as unique, as are characterized by much lower frequency of recorded so far.

Most of them were in the 580 MHz and dozens of us have known the 700-900 Mhz. Recent FRB flashes were recorded by a brand new radio telescope CHIME (Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment) located in Canada. Although the detection of more and more FRB, they are still a mystery to us. Soon, however, this may change, and this is thanks to the world’s largest radio telescope.

Chinese FAST so far specialized in detecting pulsars, which is highly zmagnetyzowanych, rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation. Now, astronomers want to use it to discover new FRB flashes. FAST in the past few weeks, several dozens of detected signals coming from the same place, and in a very short time. First detected flare was defined as the FRB 121,102.

It seems that the Chinese giant called FAST is designed for this type of projects. Astronomers intend to so with his help detect hundreds or even thousands of new FRB. It is estimated that every second of the Earth there is a lot of such signals, but we are not able to detect them. Now he has to change for the better. The entire project will last nearly a decade, but it has resulted in a final solution of one of the greatest astronomical mysteries of mankind best tech advices. Fingers crossed for the success of the whole project.