The future is so-called wearable electronics, i.e. mobile devices that can be worn on the body or they will be integrated into our clothing. The Japanese company created the first wearable air-conditioning unit for the XXI century.

When the heat prevails outside the window, you have certainly wondered when the first air-conditioned clothing will finally be built. Here you are! Engineers from Sony have just built such an invention, and it is not just another useless gadget for the gullible. Reon Pocket, because it is called an air conditioner, has very practical possibilities.

The device has a compact size and weight, and is slightly smaller than the smartphone and weighs 85 grams. They are placed in a specially designed T-shirt pocket. It is located below the neck. Sony ensures that the gadget can not only cool our body on hot days, but also warm up on cold days. It provides the user with the expected thermal comfort regardless of the conditions prevailing in the open air.

The Reon Pocket device can be paired with our smartphone via Bluetooth and control all its functions. The wearable air conditioner is very energy efficient and efficient. Only 2 hours of charging batteries will last for 24 hours of use. The gadget can lower the air temperature by up to 13 degrees Celsius and warm it by 8 degrees Celsius.

For now, Sony is still experimenting with his mobile air conditioner. The finished product should appear in stores later this year. At the beginning it will be Japan and later the rest of the world. The concern priced the basic version of Reon Pocket for 450 zlotys and the best for 700 zlotys. The cheaper version has no automatic adjustment of the air flow and temperature level.

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