The first manned expedition in 14 years to the famous wreck revealed that it is deteriorating much faster than we expected. Experts want to secure it, because soon there will be nothing to watch.

Lying at a depth of 3810 meters, RMS Titanic hosted the first scientific expedition in 14 years whose task was to assess the condition of the wreck. On board the submarine Triton 36,000 / 2 they got, among others Rob McCallum, commanding the expedition, researcher Victor Vescovo and expert Titanic, Parks Stephenson, who unfortunately did not bring any good news, on the contrary – it turned out that the wreck is deteriorating at an alarming rate and its subsequent sections are beginning to collapse.

We remind you that the RMS Titanic, i.e net oasis. the British Olympic transatlantic shipbuilding company White Star Line, sailed on its maiden voyage in 1912, but unfortunately it never reached its destination, because on the night of April 14 – 15 it collided with an iceberg and sank, taking the lives of over 1,500 people. Since then, it has become almost cult and to this day awakens the imagination of fans, which was certainly helped by the discovery of the wreck in 1985 and the famous James Cameron film of 1997.

Unfortunately, this does not change the fact that the remains of the ship are in a terrible condition – although before the Robert Ballard expedition in 1985, it was believed that the Titanic lies at the bottom and nothing happens to it, and one day it will certainly be possible to extract it. The said expedition unfortunately verified these theories, and it was then that we were able to obtain confirmation that the ship broke into two parts and then hit the bottom of the ocean at a speed of about 50 km / h. As a result, the wreck could not stay in good condition and in places it is simply a mountain of flattened steel that has been devoured by salt and bacteria for years.

The latest expedition, which managed to shoot materials in 4K resolution and conduct photogrammetric studies on 3D models and VR materials, only confirmed these assumptions, revealing that the rate of wreck destruction is much faster than we expected. When the DSV Limiting Factor boat visited the Titanic, it turned out that the officer’s cabins, including the captain’s private cabin, sank together with part of the hull. What’s worse, different species of bacteria work together to “eat” a ship, greatly accelerating its degradation.

According to Parks Stephenson: – The most shocking place is the starboard side with officer cabins, where the captain also had his private cabin. The photo of his bathtub is definitely a favorite among Titanic enthusiasts, and now it just disappeared. The entire deck hatch on this side collapses, and the destruction process only accelerates and will get worse. Last but not least, the researchers paid tribute to the victims by laying a special wreath at the wreck.


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