The future of motoring is electric cars. Their domain is great performance and calm silence on board. However, EU authorities have recognized that the cars are too quiet, which leads to accidents involving pedestrians.

Electricians will be arriving on European roads with each passing year. Therefore, the number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians will also increase, who instead of looking around before entering the road, think that it is enough to hear an oncoming car to be safe. In the meantime, you can only hear a car with an internal combustion engine. Electric and hybrid vehicles are almost silent, so they pose a serious danger to them.

Under the new law, new electric and hybrid cars sold in the EU are supposed to sound. And it is supposed to resemble the intensity and sound of an internal combustion engine. Mercedes presented its electric SUV called EQC, which was equipped with the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System. Look and listen, what sounds will be released by an electric Mercedes now.

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