“Star Wars” -Kinostarts remain unchanged – even without the “Game Of Thrones” -Macher!

For the period after “Star Wars 9” should “Game Of Thrones” -Macher David Benioff and D.B. Weiss a new “Star Wars” trilogy realized. Meanwhile, this has done. but that does not change the dates of the next films.

As the “Star Wars” looks -Kinozukunft, is still a little uncertain. While the universe is + expanded in the near future with the new streaming service Disney (followed by the recently launched “The Mandalorian” soon be an Obi-Wan-series and one about “Rogue One” -Rebell Cassian Andor), is on the big screen after ” Star Wars 9: The rise Skywalker “(release date December 18, 2019) for a few years first rule intermission.

is on the big screen after first rule hiatus for a few years: (December 18, 2019 theatrical release) “Star Wars 9 The rise Skywalker”.

then what exactly awaits us is unclear. WHEN it goes on, however, because Disney does not want to shake obviously – despite the separation of the “Game Of Thrones” -Autoren.

Then the next “Star Wars” films come

Disney recently announced a slew of theatrical release dates known. Not only completely new dates have been revealed (about five not named Marvel movies), but also already announced once confirmed, also for the next films from a far, far away galaxy. The US data for the next “Star Wars” cinema adventure are therefore still as follows (the German dates are likely to be quite are close):

December 16, 2022
December 20, 2024
December 18, 2026

That Disney the dates and their two-year intervals shall not affect is especially so surprisingly, there is still not known who will be responsible for new movies (and is therefore likely to also give it as yet no finished scripts).

Actually, that is provided that the “Game Of Thrones” -Autorenduo David Benioff and D.B. White is to ring with the scheduled for 2022 “Star Wars” movie a whole new trilogy. However, according to an exclusive Netflix Deal (said to have also provided for discontent behind the “Star Wars” -Kulissen) now are not the two for more.

Rian Johnson, Kevin Feige, or someone else entirely

However, there are already several other candidates who could take care of the “Star Wars” slot 2,022th So are other films from “Star Wars 8” director Rian Johnson still not off the table, although Johnson himself now dangerous revealed whether its envisaged trilogy really yet to come.

but in addition to (at least) a “Star Wars” produce -Adventure also Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige VipMovies. However, considered that have in the years to deal with the further expansion of MCU already hands full – not least because it will obviously increase the frequency of Marvel films from 2021 to four per year and fig in addition now even Marvel series responsible for Disney +. For a producer role in a “Star Wars” movie, the time still might not be enough. Who would then write this and stage, would have remained in the stars.

Comes “The Mandalorian ‘to the movies?

If Disney really wants to stick to the “Star Wars” start the end of 2022 (which the studio after the recent confirmation so obviously firmly intends), you have to hurry up slowly trying to find those responsible for it. Three years may seem, although long time in such a lavish scale production is likely the time but soon become scarce.

Maybe you decide why so unceremoniously to simply heave the “Mandalorian” in 2022 from the screen to the big screen. Since the Disney + series currently very well received, Disney movie boss Alan Horn said already that he could imagine a cinema adventure of taciturn bounty hunter good. And the creative team for this if you had already gathered thanks to the series basically.

Maybe you decide why so unceremoniously to simply heave the “Mandalorian” in 2022 from the screen to the big screen.