The German company Delo specializes in the production of cosmically resistant adhesives, thanks to which two different elements can be combined. Such binding is so strong and durable that it’s hard to believe.

The company, based in German Winds, produces specialized industrial adhesives not only for the European market, but for the whole world. Her authorities are so proud of their products that they decided to advertise them in an unusual way, and at the same time to write in the pages of the World Guinness Book of Records with a cosmic feat.

It consisted of raising, using a weighing crane, a trifle, 17.5 tons of a truck. And there would be nothing extraordinary about it, because such things are done every day all over the world were it not for the fact that all this weight was to rest on two aluminum cylinders, which would be glued together with the super-glue Delo Monopox.

To make the whole feat recognized, a 17.5-ton truck had to hang at 1 meter for 1 hour. Engineers glued the cylinders using only 3 grams of this cosmic glue, and the effect exceeded all expectations, not only the Delo authorities, but also the employees and representatives of the World Guinness Book of Records.

It is worth emphasizing here that the previous record was also established by Delo. It was in 2013. The truck then weighed 16.3 tons, and the gluing area was 40 cm2. Engineers have slightly improved their glue for several years, so we managed to reduce the gluing area to 39.8 cm2. Interestingly, the force acting on the front connections was exactly 43.1 N / mm2.

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