SX800, because this is what the new device is called, can be a real terror of road pirates, unless potential buyers scare away its price, which we have not yet met.

If you are looking for a camera that is so powerful that it allows you to read the license plate even from a distance of one kilometer, then Fujifilm has just presented something suitable. As you can guess, in the middle have to wait components from the top shelf, because how different to get a 40x optical zoom and focal length even 800 mm – what’s more, we also have an additional digital zoom 1.25x, thanks to which the focal length grows up to 1000 mm and allows you to focus on the object a kilometer away.

As some journalists have rightly pointed out, there are already consumer cameras on the market that beat the SX80 in the zoom category, such as the Nikon P1000 with 125x optical zoom, but Fujifilm took care of additional features that improve recording from a large, even extreme distance. We have fast and accurate autofocus (0.3 seconds), optical image stabilization, steam / fog reduction to get the right quality in all weather conditions and support for ISO to 819200 for night recording.

Fujifilm ensures that all this was possible thanks to the innovative image processing technology that can be found in the X series. The producer also confirmed the release date tomorrow, but he has not revealed the price yet, so it is difficult to assess whether this solution has a chance to hit our paths to catch pirates. In the video below you can see that there is actually something to be afraid of, because we can see that with the help of the camera you can read the sign at a distance of 2.2 km.

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