Like the boomerang, the topic of tap water has returned to us, which due to the presence of fluoride is supposed to contribute to low IQ levels in children. Is this really possible? Everything indicates that yes!

New research by Canadian researchers is again raising the topic of the relationship between fluoride in water and low levels of intelligence in children, and more specifically, it should be concluded that the consumption of tap water by pregnant women is expected to result in a much lower level of intelligence of such offspring than other children. It is true that part of the scientific community reacted quickly to these revelations, claiming that the evidence is weak and insignificant, but it can not be hidden that not everyone shares this position.

Scientists invited 500 mother-child pairs to study, women consumed tap water during pregnancy, and researchers checked the level of fluoride in their urine, supplementing data with water consumption declared by women. The level of intelligence of the children was assessed between the third and fourth year of their lives, which allowed researchers to make the following conclusions. A 1-mg / L increase in fluoride in the mother’s urine during pregnancy causes a 4.5 point reduction in her child’s IQ level – interestingly, this relationship was only seen in boys. As for self-monitoring of fluoride intake, an increase of 1 mg resulted in a 3.7 point decrease in IQ for both boys and girls.

Already at first glance you can notice here some inaccuracies that are pointed out by Stuart Ritchie from King’s College London: – In the first analysis we have a significant impact on boys, and in the second the effect is not stronger for them than for girls, so these results are erratic. Others point to the methodology that was chosen to prove the theory, and others to the fact that by the time of research, i.e. reaching the age of 3-4 years, these children could have been exposed to many devastating factors that could have caused a level reduction intelligence, e.g world top technology. lead.

However, according to researchers and the publisher who decided to publish these studies, they are well aware of the nature of the topic dividing the environment. However, they indicate that the theory regarding the impact of tap water on the child’s intelligence cannot be clearly refuted, so due to the potential neurotoxicity of fluoride it deserves further research, hence the decision to publish the results of the study. Therefore, it remains for us other than just to wait for further tests, because it can not be hidden that this issue is certainly of interest to many future mothers.


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