Xiaomi showed the world's fastest wireless charging for smartphones The Chinese concern does not cease to amaze its fans and even its competitors. This time, Xiaomi showed the world's fastest smartphone charging technology. She's really fast.

We can expect that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone will be able to charge with a power of up to 80 W. It would not be anything special, because we have already seen chargers for 120 W, if it were not for the fact that we are dealing here with wireless charging. And it's the fastest on the market today.

The latest incarnation of the Qi standard is to charge a 4000 mAh battery in less than 20 minutes. Xiaomi boasts of a great revolution, because so far the company's devices could charge wirelessly with a power of only 15 to 30 W.

However, the Chinese company will not rest on its laurels. Apparently, engineers are already working on charging technology at a speed of 100 W and even 120 W. Xiaomi representatives intend to match the speed of wireless charging of new smartphones with the wired method, which has always been several times faster.

Xiaomi is developing the technology of fast charging smartphones, due to the fact that more and more batteries are installed in the devices. Today, the capacity of 5000 mAh is becoming almost standard, and streaming audit the next few years it will be up to 7000-8000 mAh. With such a capacity, 15W wireless charging would take several hours, and so it will be shortened to an hour, or even less than 20 minutes.