The Blacklist Season 8: Disturbing Farewell to Dead Star even pushes Reddington to its limits

The Blacklist delivers one of the best episodes of the series in the current season 8. It is a wonderful farewell to The Blacklist star Clark Middleton, who died suddenly on October 4th, 2020. We got to know him over many seasons as Reddington's brilliant tracker Glen.

In the series too, Glen is dead and Red has to fulfill his bizarre last wishes. Especially during the farewell speech, not a single eye stays dry, especially not at Reddington.

Season 8: The Blacklist and Red outdo each other in the parting sequence

In The Wellstone Agency, episode 6 of season 8, The Blacklist, Reddington gets a call from Glen's mother. She tells of the unexpected death of her son. Like actor Clark Middleton, Glen also died in the series as a result of West Nile fever. The authors do not hold back that the episode is also a homage to the actor and not just to his character.

What makes the episode so awesome is Reddington's impotence over Glen's last two wishes. Glen was too important to him to turn down. On the one hand, he has to get the American music star Huey Lewis (!) To the funeral because Glen's mother believes Glen was his muse. And the ashes are to be scattered around the Statue of Liberty.

Never in The Blacklist's history has Reddington been as embarrassed as asking Huey Lewis to come to Glen's funeral. Since Red's name is apparently big in the music industry too, Huey Lewis (played by Huey Lewis) really makes an appearance at the funeral party. Which, by the way, takes place at Glen's workplace.

It gets even more moving at the end of the episode when Red gives an impressive farewell speech.

In Red's heartfelt farewell speech, James Spader speaks from him

The Blacklist Season 8: Reddington's full farewell speech to Glen

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Reddington's speech is currently only available in English without subtitles. We have translated it for you:

Halfway through the speech it seems to be slowly becoming an ode from The Blacklist to Clark Middleton.

The poignant conclusion of the speech moves me to tears again and again:

In line with the death of the extravagant role, Reddington then pours his ashes with glassy eyes from a restaurant bag over Liberty Island, on which the Statue of Liberty stands.

Rarely did Reddington have to go so much to his limits to make something come true, and seldom was he xmovies tv vulnerable and sad as in this season 8 episode. The Blacklist has paid a heartwarming and heartwarming tribute to Clark Middleton.

Currently we can only buy the 8th season of The Blacklist in the original version on Amazon, from the middle of the year it will hopefully appear in German on Netflix.

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