The 13 biggest questions before the WandaVision finale: 330 years of Marvel history need to be explained

The penultimate and extremely emotional episode of WandaVision provided us with many answers to Wanda's past and the origin of the hex. Now nothing stands in the way of the epic Marvel finale in episode 9. However, that has to answer a few questions.

From Agatha Harkness' true plan to the upcoming fight against the revived (white) vision, WandaVision has created numerous story threads that want to be merged into just one episode. Below are our biggest questions that WandaVision's Marvel Finale has yet to answer.

WandaVision-Finale: Is Fake-Pietro the X-Men-Quicksilver or not?

The great guesswork about the origins of Quicksilver, embodied by Evan Peters, continues. In episode 8, Agatha called his appearance on Wanda's sitcom a manipulated "crystalline possession" - whatever that is supposed to mean. This should make us doubt that he wasn't brought from the X-Men universe into the MCU after all.

Here is our recap video for WandaVision episode 8:

The last word has not yet been spoken here. How the fake Pietro, baptized Fietro, got to Westview remains to be clarified. Likewise, what his appearance in the credits scene from episode 7 means.

Is he still under Agatha's influence or has Wanda's power push already woken him up? That could mean an unexpected collaboration with Monica Rambeau aka Photon.

White Vision and S.W.O.R.D .: will a vision survive the Marvel finals?

In the post-credit scene of episode 8, there is a real Marvel shocker. Vision's dead body was discovered by S.W.O.R.D. (using her chaos magic) resurrected. Comic book fans already know that this white vision is a being with no emotion or personality.

The fact that Wanda now has to fight against the shell of her soul mate suggests a highly emotional final battle. Will Wanda have to say goodbye to her hex vision in the end or will she find a way to combine both visions?

Big Marvel puzzle in WandaVision: what is the Scarlet Witch anyway?

In episode 8, Wanda was first referred to in the MCU as the Scarlet Witch. However, it's not just a nickname, it's something much bigger that we definitely need answers to.

Similar to the Phoenix power of the X-Men films, the Scarlet Witch seems to name an ancient power that can create matter out of nothing and change reality with the help of the legendary chaos magic.

Yes, Wanda is now the most powerful being in the Marvel cosmos.

Where does this power come from? In the comics, an ancient god named Chthon has his finger in the game, who is also connected to the mighty book Darkhold. This mythology has yet to be clarified, as well as Wanda's future appearance, which the thought stone prophesied for her.

What is the endgame of Agatha Harkness and what is the origin of her power?

Agatha Harkness represents 330 years of MCU history yet to be explored. Even though magic was already introduced in the MCU with Doctor Strange, we haven't seen classic witches yet. It will be exciting to see what role Agatha will really play in WandaVision and in the future of the MCU.

After episode 8 it is clear that Agatha is not a real villain. She is a complex and admittedly manipulative woman who does not attack Wanda, but studies her powers and helps to process her trauma. Nevertheless, there are still some questions about her person for the finale.

What is behind the dark magic that gave Agatha her powers 330 years ago? What is behind your luminous book? What is Agatha's real plan for the Scarlet Witch and this dangerous force? And how can all of this be related to the possible Marvel villains Mephisto or Nightmare?

Will WandaVision unleash the Multiverse of Madness in episode 9?

WandaVision is the first chapter of an MCU tetralogy Goldmovies is said to be connected to the events of Loki, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness. An appearance of the new Scarlett Witch in Doctor Strange 2 has long been confirmed. But will we already see the multiverse in WandaVision?

Except for the possible origin of Fake Pietro, the multiverse did not yet play a direct role in WandaVision. WandaVision will certainly keep this revelation until the very end.

We will hopefully find out next week whether the Scarlett Witch has unleashed (or already has) rifts in the multiverse through her power or whether an unknown force actually collides different dimensions. At least one thing cannot be a coincidence: Chaos (magic) and madness (German: madness) are close together.

WandaVision Finale: Can Episode 9 Answer All Marvel Questions?

In order not to let this article escalate, we have only addressed the biggest questions for the WandaVision finale. However, there are many more puzzles and mysteries from the Marvel series that have yet to be solved. Here is a small selection:

The MCU series only has one episode and so many unanswered questions. Not everything will and must be answered. This is typical Marvel. Rather, WandaVision should tell a well thought-out and well-rounded story that will keep us looking forward to more Wanda adventures.

WandaVision is the story of Wanda's trauma and coping with grief to lead her character into a new era in which she assumes her identity as the MCU's most powerful witch. We can definitely expect a crazy and epic finale. And that's coming on Friday, March 5th, at Disney.

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