Lord of the Rings series with 2 Sauron candidates: The choice is crucial for Middle-earth

Amazon's upcoming The Lord of the Rings series continues to be mysterious. But since the first published series plot indicated that we might see Sauron's rise to power in Tolkien's Second Age, fan circles have been seething tremendously.

On the long cast list, which now includes 35 officially announced actors (25 of them men), the Tolkien fans have now zeroed in on two candidates for the big villain who could fit in with their age, demeanor and aura. And which could hardly be more different.

Two Amazon contenders for Sauron: who plays the villain of the Lord of the Rings series?

Since the filming of Amazon's Lord of the Rings series has long been running, the choice of the potential Sauron, who thousands of years before Frodo and Co. under the name Annatar, made Middle-earth unsafe, is behind the scenes of course long since fallen.

While the official Amazon presentation of the villain needs to be carefully considered, the fans' discussions meanwhile present two amazingly different options, each of which demands completely different facets from the smith of the One Ring of Power.

The face that villain Sauron will wear is almost as decisive as the difficult title of the Lord of the Rings series. It could, depending on who slips into the role, drive Amazon's Tolkien film in very different directions.

Lord of the Rings Series Candidate 1: Joseph Mawle as Sauron

Because of his previous, often shady role image, it was speculated early on to cast (Game of Thrones experienced) Joseph Mawle that he would take on the part of the main villain. And that before Sauron was even mentioned.

For his embodiment of Sauron, the fact that he was there from the very beginning in the first swing of the heralded Lord of the Rings cast speaks for itself. This suggests that it was given an important role from the start. And Annatar was certainly one of the first to be cast.

Lord of the Rings Series Candidate 2: Maxim Baldry as Sauron

It has already been speculated that we will see Sauron in the new Lord of the Rings series as a handsome and seducer. Maxim Baldry as the villain of the Lord of the Rings would then be the more obvious choice.

Sauron's face decides the direction of Amazon's Lord of the Rings series

In the comparison, the Lord of the Rings and Tolkien fans see two strikingly different actors in the role of Annatar aka Sauron.

It is exciting that the selection of the new Sauron from these two candidates would show two very different marching directions for the Middle-earth series.

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In his looks and the way he acted would Joseph Mawle is likely to present a quite classic choice and sticking to the familiar. After all, untrustworthy characters in Peter Jackson's Middle-earth saga WatchSeries dodgy in their appearance and presentation (see Denethor, Grima Schlangenzunge, Alfrid).

Choosing an attractive villain in the form of Maxim Baldry would be a fresh approach. The actor has played many good-hearted roles with positive charisma in his previous films and series. A game of intrigue and deception would bring new facets of the Lord of the Rings world to the fore. Will we end up liking Sauron?

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Who of the two cast would you rather see than Sauron in the Lord of the Rings series?