Incredible horror film now on Amazon Prime: A merciless nightmare with no awakening

Some films have to be endured more than just watched. This also includes Funny Games by Michael Haneke. The work of the Austrian director is a lesson in unpleasant terror and plunges you straight into a nasty nightmare that never seems to end.

With a subscription you can currently stream Funny Games on Amazon Prime *. If you dare, you will only feel uncomfortable with ordinary eggs afterwards.

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The plot: That's what Funny Games is about

In Michael Haneke's film, Georg (Ulrich Mühe) and Anna (Susanne Lothar) go on vacation with their little son Schorschi (Stefan Clapczynski) in their holiday home by the lake. After their arrival, the shy, polite young men Peter (Frank Giering) and Paul (Arno Frisch) stand in front of the door and want to borrow a few eggs.

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When the family lets the two of them into their house for a moment, a shocking psychological terror begins, which, especially because of its emotional brutality, is almost unbearable.

Funny Games criticizes violence - and in doing so, even exceeds the limits of what is bearable

Funny Games is not even interested in bloody excesses of violence. Michael Haneke hides Watch Movies most brutal scenes of his film and lets them play in the mind of the viewer. Through the sadistic-perfidious mind game of Peter and Paul, who humiliate and torment the family of three, the director would much rather criticize the voyeurism of an audience who can never get enough of extreme images.

In doing so, Funny Games repeatedly manipulates you consciously, while Haneke plays with the possibilities of the film medium and deliberately pours fuel on the fire. In one scene, for example, the psychopathic intruders speak directly to the audience to demonstrate their own voyeuristic curiosity about the extreme harshness.

In another scene, one of the two simply rewinds the film briefly with the remote control, only to return to pure darkness after a brief turning point. And even for you there is no escape from this darkness from Funny Games. Michael Haneke's film is a no-awakening nightmare to the bitter end.

Michael Haneke shot a US remake of Funny Games

If you are wondering that when you search for Funny Games, you will also find a film called Funny Games U.S. bumps: 10 years after the original, Michael Haneke shot a remake of his film in America.

Even if the film has bigger stars like Tim Roth or Naomi Watts, nothing has changed compared to the Austrian version. Haneke shot his film picture by picture, so that the two versions do not differ from each other in terms of content.

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