Huge Netflix offer in 2021: All 128 new series this year

In terms of streaming services, Netflix is ​​once again ahead of the game in 2021 and is overwhelming you with another wave of original series from all over the world. If the dozen of new Netflix seasons aren't enough for you, look forward to over 100 new Netflix series this year.

For this overview, we looked at all Netflix productions and rummaged through the masses of productions to pick out those for you that will appear on Netflix in 2021. Reality formats and documentary series are not taken into account here.

New Netflix series January 2021

New Netflix series February 2021

New Netflix series March 2021

New Netflix series April 2021

New Netflix series May 2021

New Netflix series 2021 with no start date

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International Netflix series 2021 stremio no start date

Anime and animated series on Netflix 2021

It can always happen that some series are long in coming, starts have to be postponed due to production, series are canceled despite the extension or Netflix sometimes surprises us with already wacky seasons. Therefore we keep this overview up to date for you and add to it again and again.