Looking at the subsequent results twisted by famous influencers and the money they earn, you feel like grabbing for the microphone … you can not hide that few people have a chance to succeed like PewDiePie tips beast.

Because although Felix Kjellberg has as many fans as enemies, he has just achieved something that no individual YouTuber has ever done before, namely a score of 100 million subscribers. This is such a huge success that even YouTube itself decided to celebrate it by posting an occasional post on social media. The only question is whether this is right, because PewDiePie has repeatedly committed behaviors that should be ashamed, not boast about them in public.

We remind you that in 2017 he was accused of anti-Semitism when he paid certain men on Fiverr to keep the sign saying “Death to All Jews”, and he also repeatedly committed racist insults in his live streams. What’s more, in the name of subsequent subscriptions for PewDiePie, some of his fans committed hacker attacks, and the slogan “Subscribe to PewDiePie” was also used by an assassin from New Zealand Christchurch.

Either way, PewDiePie still has a host of dedicated fans that can boast of the aforementioned number of subscribers. It is worth noting that as the first 100 million subscribers (and this happened in May this year) reached the T-Series, which is the channel behind which is the Indian record label and film production, competing for years with Kjellberg for the palm of priority. In this case, however, you can not talk about an individual creator, so now it is PewDiePie that gets the recognition, significantly distancing itself from the next on the 5-Minute Crafts list with a score of 60 million subscribers.

You also can’t forget that, along with the congratulations, there is also a river of money that the lack of PewDiePie certainly can’t complain about. According to Forbes, he earned $ 15.5 million last year, and had “just” 72.5 million subscribers at the time, so it’s easy to imagine what outcome this year can end with. In recent months, the creator has focused mainly on his gaming activity, mainly in the field of Minecraft, for which Microsoft will certainly thank him, because how hardly anyone is able to restore the splendor of this already 10-year game.


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