Road pirates are trembling, the Fujifilm camera reads license plates from a distance of 1 km

SX800, because this is what the new device is called, can be a real terror of road pirates, unless potential buyers scare away its price, which we have not yet met.

If you are looking for a camera that is so powerful that it allows you to read the license plate even from a distance of one kilometer, then Fujifilm has just presented something suitable. As you can guess, in the middle have to wait components from the top shelf, because how different to get a 40x optical zoom and focal length even 800 mm – what’s more, we also have an additional digital zoom 1.25x, thanks to which the focal length grows up to 1000 mm and allows you to focus on the object a kilometer away.

As some journalists have rightly pointed out, there are already consumer cameras on the market that beat the SX80 in the zoom category, such as the Nikon P1000 with 125x optical zoom, but Fujifilm took care of additional features that improve recording from a large, even extreme distance. We have fast and accurate autofocus (0.3 seconds), optical image stabilization, steam / fog reduction to get the right quality in all weather conditions and support for ISO to 819200 for night recording.

Fujifilm ensures that all this was possible thanks to the innovative image processing technology that can be found in the X series. The producer also confirmed the release date tomorrow, but he has not revealed the price yet, so it is difficult to assess whether this solution has a chance to hit our paths to catch pirates. In the video below you can see that there is actually something to be afraid of, because we can see that with the help of the camera you can read the sign at a distance of 2.2 km.

Elon Musk revealed when a new vehicle from Tesla will be presented

Tesla already has a Model S sedan, a smaller Model 3 sedan and a large SUV in the form of the Model X. Soon there will be a smaller SUV, i.e. Model Y, a new Roadster, a Semi truck and …

The billionaire some time ago presented on his Twitter profile a very strange and mysterious photo, which was supposed to reveal part of the body of a fully electric pickup truck. There has been no information about him for the last months, until now. Musk has just announced the imminent release of an electric working cry to dethrone the iconic Ford F-150.

Work on it has already been completed and the company is preparing for its presentation and preparation of the offer for clients. It’s no secret that Musk is almost certain that his new vehicle will enjoy cosmic interest. This is due to its amazing features.

The vehicle is supposed to look very futuristic and attract all those who not only value functionality in this type of vehicle, but also expect a fresh breeze in terms of appearance.

F-150 Fords are real monsters that are not afraid of any murderous job. However, they look quite traditional, which many people can already overcome. The pickup from Tesla is supposed to be an even larger monster, but electric. It will have two engines, one for each axle, and an active suspension adapting to any possible terrain conditions.

Musk revealed that the vehicle will have a range of 640 to 800 kilometers, had all-wheel drive and a payload of up to 1,300 kilograms. According to the billionaire, it will be a more urban workhorse, which can handle any task, and by the way you can race on the streets even with supercars.

The head of SpaceX also announced that the presentation of this interesting machine will take place in accordance with earlier assurances, i.e. within 2-3 months. Most importantly, the Tesla pickup is to be offered at a very affordable price. Musk made it clear that the price of the basic version would be around $ 49,000.

However, the fight with Ford F-150 will not be easy. The company is intensively working on the construction of a fully electric pickup truck. Recently, we could see the effect of the work on the published film, on which the prototype of the electric F-150 pulled the train set with a load in the form of other F-150s with a cosmic mass of up to 566 tons (see here).

Stream cinema movies for free and legally

I will show you a website where you can watch movies for free and legally online: Well-known cinema films and TV series can be streamed legally, for free and without registration directly in the browser.

On FMovies, you can watch movies online for free and legally. In the online movies providers you will find popular TV series, classics and movies in the stream for free, which you can view legally and without registration directly in the browser.
Anyone looking for free films on the Internet, is right at our article. The selection covers more than 25,000 films and series in different categories: Whether action, drama, thriller, science fiction, love films, arthouse, Queerkino, Asia, horror, children’s cinema, films from 18, here is for every movie taste the right thing. English original versions are also represented. In most cases, these are stripes that have been around for a few years.

The streaming services are financed according to their own information completely through advertising. Thus, network cinema fades before each movie max. three commercials, streaming websites also runs first a spot. During the movie network cinemas no further advertising. Overall, you have to go through so much less advertising than at the private TV channels. You will see: The internet is full of good movie streams – in our photo gallery is guaranteed for every taste the right thing.

Network cinema now offers hundreds of movies in real HD (1280 x 720 pixels). You can watch all movies in either windowed or full-screen mode. Another note: Some FSK 18 featured films from the areas of action and horror are adapted to different devices for reasons of youth protection. So different films for adults are available only from 22 clock.
For an overview of the best movies on net cinema, see our other articles about the 50 best free feature films. Here really every movie fan should find something.

Of course, Network Cinema is not the only site on the web that offer free and legal movies and TV shows. In the media libraries of the television stations, all current content is available for a week – from films and series to reports and documentaries to TV shows and news.
Our large article on the topic even shows you how to download content from the media libraries and access it permanently. Another tip for Southpark fans: there are all episodes of the series ready for immediate streaming. Since the content from Germany is usually not available, you must surf the service through a proxy server. In our download area you will find the right tools, for example Hotspot Shield for Firefox and Chrome.

The wearable air conditioner from Sony will cool you on hot days and warm you up in cool weather

The future is so-called wearable electronics, i.e. mobile devices that can be worn on the body or they will be integrated into our clothing. The Japanese company created the first wearable air-conditioning unit for the XXI century.

When the heat prevails outside the window, you have certainly wondered when the first air-conditioned clothing will finally be built. Here you are! Engineers from Sony have just built such an invention, and it is not just another useless gadget for the gullible. Reon Pocket, because it is called an air conditioner, has very practical possibilities.

The device has a compact size and weight, and is slightly smaller than the smartphone and weighs 85 grams. They are placed in a specially designed T-shirt pocket. It is located below the neck. Sony ensures that the gadget can not only cool our body on hot days, but also warm up on cold days. It provides the user with the expected thermal comfort regardless of the conditions prevailing in the open air.

The Reon Pocket device can be paired with our smartphone via Bluetooth and control all its functions. The wearable air conditioner is very energy efficient and efficient. Only 2 hours of charging batteries will last for 24 hours of use. The gadget can lower the air temperature by up to 13 degrees Celsius and warm it by 8 degrees Celsius.

For now, Sony is still experimenting with his mobile air conditioner. The finished product should appear in stores later this year. At the beginning it will be Japan and later the rest of the world. The concern priced the basic version of Reon Pocket for 450 zlotys and the best for 700 zlotys. The cheaper version has no automatic adjustment of the air flow and temperature level.

Streaming Movies Online Without Account

I do not download movies, series or music anymore. It was not always the case… When I started using massively internet when I was a student, having access to thousands of music tracks, movies, series or manga could turn the head and lead to a frenzy of downloads. Even if the problem of the legality of the download was already posed. Internet connections were more than feeble before the advent of ADSL and fiber. Download a simple song of a few Mo could take an hour…

Today, I much prefer to subscribe to a legal streaming offer, Spotify for music and Netflix for movies / series in my case. With a regular income, I find it normal to spend a few euros a month to enjoy the catalogs of movies / series / music online. But we all have different attitudes to this problem. A friend asked me a few days ago about the difficulty of finding a free streaming site without having to create an account on the site. Here is a summary of some tips I gave him.

Watching Movies Online Without Registration

If you want to watch streaming content for free, it is better to go through a streaming site like fmovies, vipmovies or another free streaming site without registration that you can find on the web or that you will recommend your friends. Good tips in this area are often known by word of mouth and the best streaming sites are generally well known to the public in search of movies, series (the TV series online free streaming Games of Throne for example is in great demand) or of music.

Here, no need to create an account to access the video content of the site. The contents are accessible without registration. On the other hand, you will certainly find ads (popups and popunders, some banners too), Which seems legitimate to make the cost of hosting the website in return for a free service. However, you can read my article on tips for having a streaming site without ads to learn more.

The problem arises also for the sport as for example to watch the league of the Champions in streaming. Football fans often look for ways, legal or not, to watch their favorite competition and often turn to streaming websites.

Anyway, the most popular streaming websites are: fmovies, 123movies, vipmovies, cmovieshd, kingmovies and 123movieshub. Using original versions of these websites is safe for your computer. These websites are also everyday updated with fresh cinema movies and new episodes of any tv series.

The EU car industry wants electric cars to be loud. So Mercedes showed the “loud” EQC

The future of motoring is electric cars. Their domain is great performance and calm silence on board. However, EU authorities have recognized that the cars are too quiet, which leads to accidents involving pedestrians.

Electricians will be arriving on European roads with each passing year. Therefore, the number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians will also increase, who instead of looking around before entering the road, think that it is enough to hear an oncoming car to be safe. In the meantime, you can only hear a car with an internal combustion engine. Electric and hybrid vehicles are almost silent, so they pose a serious danger to them.

Under the new law, new electric and hybrid cars sold in the EU are supposed to sound. And it is supposed to resemble the intensity and sound of an internal combustion engine. Mercedes presented its electric SUV called EQC, which was equipped with the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System. Look and listen, what sounds will be released by an electric Mercedes now.

Alan Turing’s technology appeared on a 50 pound British banknote

Only prominent rulers can be found on banknotes in our country and it is hard to imagine that this will change in the near future, but for example, the British just honored an outstanding scientist in this way.

You can associate Turing’s name with graphic processors from Nvidia, which are customarily called after well-deserved mathematicians, astronomers, and the like, but apparently this is not enough for Alan Turing. An outstanding British mathematician, cryptologist, creator of the Turing machine and one of the creators of computer science, also considered the father of artificial intelligence (already in 1950 he claimed that computers will finally think themselves), which he achieved a lot for his country, but at the same time he was hurt by him to the point that he took his own life.

Now his homeland decided to atone for some of his actions from the 1950s, when homosexual Alan Turing was convicted of very indecent behavior (homosexuality was illegal in the United Kingdom then) and sent to hormone therapy, which consisted of psychiatric and chemical castration ( he could still choose to stay in prison) – the scientist could not deal with it, every two years later he led him to suicide by taking cyanide.

In 2009, the British government apologized to the researcher posthumously, and now the Bank of England decided that he should hit the new 50-pound banknote. The banknote will include not only the image of the scientist, but also his work – we can see at least computer and Turing formulas on sketches, but we will get to the final form shortly before the introduction of money into circulation in 2020. What is worth emphasizing, his candidacy won with 988 other characters, among which you can find such famous people as Stephen Hawking or Rosalind Franklin.

We remind you that Alan Turing is known primarily for machine design and breaking the code of the German Enigma encryption machine during World War II (he amended the Polish method). He has also created a foundation for modern computers and artificial intelligence, every person associated with this industry associates a test checking the intelligence of computers and robots, known as the Turing test.

Astronomy Experience the NASA landing on the moon that occurred 50 years ago

The US Space Agency has prepared a lot of attractions for the historic landing of people on the surface of the Silver Globe. Thanks to them you will be able to feel as if you were getting the moon yourself.

On a website specially prepared by NASA, you can track progress and survive the entire course of the Apollo 11 mission in real-time +50, on the way to the natural satellite of our planet. It is hard to imagine that the mission was launched exactly half a century ago, on July 16, 1969.

NASA has made astronauts’ calls on the radio channel from the flight control center, camera shots, photographs, and even information about technologies that were used throughout the mission. Imagine that for the next days you can live the greatest cosmic achievement in the history of mankind, and all this through your computers or smartphones.

All you need to do is go to a dedicated site (see here). Have fun and remember your impressions. Already in 2024 you will be able to experience it again, this time live, when NASA will send to the Moon the first in the 21st century a manned mission within the Artemis project.

According to the information provided by the agency’s administrator, this time the woman will be the first to walk on the surface of the Moon. For now, it is not known which of the astronauts will be her, but no matter what, we can expect it to be an extraordinary event.

Astronomy A successful course of the Hayabusa-2 mission to save humanity from disaster

The Japanese published new images from the moment the probe approached the surface of Ryugu and the view of the landing site itself. Based on the data, we will now be able to prepare a rescue mission.

The Ryugu planetoid belongs to one of the oldest objects traversing the Solar System. Its careful study will allow us not only to develop technologies that will allow us to protect against cosmic rocks, but also to get to know the turbulent past of the formation of celestial bodies and the Earth and the flowering of biological life on it.

The close flight of the probe over the surface of Ryugu and landing on it provided us with extremely interesting information. Scientists have revealed that there are hydroxyl minerals, which indicates that once, on the primeval celestial bodies from which Ryugu was formed, there was water, and in it the bricks of life or even simple organisms.

The Japanese believe that objects like Ryugu, before billions of years, could bring to Earth and initiate the flourishing of life as we know it. If in reality it was as they suggest, then life in the Universe may be more common than we think. It must be emphasized here that this object belongs also to the Apollo group, which means that in the future it may pose a threat to our planet.

Image of Ryugu’s asteroid surface before and after landing. Floating rocks are visible. Fig. JAXA.

The second landing of the Hayabusa-2 probe on Ryugu took place on July 11 this year. The place of landing was the area of ​​the crater, which was created as a result of impact of the impactor from the Japanese probe. This was the first bombardment of the planetoid in the history of mankind. We would like to remind you that the Small Carry-on Impactor (SCI) impactor is a 2.5 kilogram copper block that was formed under the impact of a 4.5 kilogram of HMX plastic explosive. It collided with the asteroid at a speed of about 2 km / s and led to the formation of a crater with a diameter of 10 meters.

During the latest landing, the vehicle collected further dust and rock samples from the surface of the facility. The Hayabusa-2 probe will provide collected samples from the entire 100 milligram mission to Earth for more thorough research. Therefore, this mission is considered historical. The probe should start returning to Earth in December 2019. The samples should fall into the hands of scientists a year later.

Facebook games are secretly working on Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell in VR

Virtual reality was supposed to be a huge breakthrough in the video game industry, but ultimately it will be only a temporary fashion … unless the secret project of Marek Zuckerberg changes something in this topic.

It can not be denied that fans of the stealth series from Ubisoft were very disappointed when it turned out that during any of this year’s industry events there was not even the slogan of the new Splinter Cell. Fisher himself has many dedicated devotees who since 2013, ie the page entitled Blacklist, can not wait to return and regularly search the web in search of even mention of a possible debut of the new game from the series. Is there a chance that they will finally find something?

It turns out that yes, because today’s reports suggest that the cult brand has taken … Facebook – although we are talking here about the exclusive version of VR, so there is no guarantee that it is a new game, not a modification of any of the earlier versions. In any case, Mark Zuckerberg himself was supposedly involved in the negotiations about the license, who personally has to watch over the success of this project, which in fact concerns two productions.

In addition to the mentioned Splinter Cella, we also have a game from the Assassin’s Creed universe, also in virtual reality. And unfortunately it’s all assurance, because, as sources close to the social giant say, he does not have a specific idea yet, what to do with all this and only knows that he wants to tempt more people to reach VR. And there is some sense in that, because the successful return of Splinter Cella and good Assassin production would surely interest players in this technology.

Unfortunately, however, it should be noted that VR is not as popular as developers would like it, and although the “virtual versions” of well-known brands, such as Skyrim or Fallout, sell quite well, there is still a lot of spectacular success. Perhaps the situation will change slightly after the release of next-generation headsets, which are to deal with many ailments of predecessors, such as irritating amounts of cabling or technical deficiencies causing nausea. Anyway, the new Splinter Cell is always great news, so we’re waiting for more information in the topic.