PewDiePie is the first individual YouTuber with 100 million subs

Looking at the subsequent results twisted by famous influencers and the money they earn, you feel like grabbing for the microphone … you can not hide that few people have a chance to succeed like PewDiePie tips beast.

Because although Felix Kjellberg has as many fans as enemies, he has just achieved something that no individual YouTuber has ever done before, namely a score of 100 million subscribers. This is such a huge success that even YouTube itself decided to celebrate it by posting an occasional post on social media. The only question is whether this is right, because PewDiePie has repeatedly committed behaviors that should be ashamed, not boast about them in public.

We remind you that in 2017 he was accused of anti-Semitism when he paid certain men on Fiverr to keep the sign saying “Death to All Jews”, and he also repeatedly committed racist insults in his live streams. What’s more, in the name of subsequent subscriptions for PewDiePie, some of his fans committed hacker attacks, and the slogan “Subscribe to PewDiePie” was also used by an assassin from New Zealand Christchurch.

Either way, PewDiePie still has a host of dedicated fans that can boast of the aforementioned number of subscribers. It is worth noting that as the first 100 million subscribers (and this happened in May this year) reached the T-Series, which is the channel behind which is the Indian record label and film production, competing for years with Kjellberg for the palm of priority. In this case, however, you can not talk about an individual creator, so now it is PewDiePie that gets the recognition, significantly distancing itself from the next on the 5-Minute Crafts list with a score of 60 million subscribers.

You also can’t forget that, along with the congratulations, there is also a river of money that the lack of PewDiePie certainly can’t complain about. According to Forbes, he earned $ 15.5 million last year, and had “just” 72.5 million subscribers at the time, so it’s easy to imagine what outcome this year can end with. In recent months, the creator has focused mainly on his gaming activity, mainly in the field of Minecraft, for which Microsoft will certainly thank him, because how hardly anyone is able to restore the splendor of this already 10-year game.


However, social media does not cause mental health problems?

There has been talk for a long time about the harmfulness of social media, especially those used in excess and by too young people, meanwhile there are more studies that suggest that there are no such relationships.

New research that tracks the relationship between minors using new technologies and psychological problems suggests that there is no relationship between smartphone abuse and depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts. They are a consequence of recently published tests, which showed such a combination in the case of young girls and boys, but this was due to interrupted sleep or training rather than just using the medium.

However, it cannot be denied that mental disorders in young people are a constantly growing problem, so something must be responsible for this state of affairs. Many researchers here without hesitation indicate the development of new technologies, smartphones or social media, but so far there is not much evidence to confirm this hypothesis. What’s more, recently more and more research suggests that there is virtually no relationship between time spent on screen-stared eyes and young people’s mental problems.

The latest ones, which have been going on for several years, have focused on 400 young people and, as it turns out, failed to indicate any connection between new technologies and mental health. The respondents were 12-15 years old and themselves recorded data on the use of technology in several different ways, i.e. the number of messages sent, hours spent using the smartphone, etc. Time spent with devices was also divided into social media and other pleasures and activities with school or extra classes tipsdump.

The results showed virtually no effect of frequent use of the new technology on mental health, except for two surprising correlations. Namely, it turned out that the more messages sent, the less symptoms of depression, and when it comes to using technology for learning, the more time was devoted to it, the more the ADHD symptoms became apparent. In short, it is completely the opposite of the commonly repeated theories that new media destroys the mental health of young people.

Some time ago, other studies were published, which analyzed 10,000 teenagers aged 13-16 who had a significant increase in psychological despair that could be associated with regular use of social media. However, as it turned out, this relationship concerns sleep disorders, lack of exercise or the impact of cyberbullying, rather than the use of new technologies, which coincides with the conclusions of the latest research. According to their authors: – Social media in themselves do not hurt, but their often use can lead to disruption of other natural activities, such as sleep or sport, which affect physical and mental condition.


The Neanderthal was not as smart as we ever thought

As we learn from recent studies of the University of Tübingen and New York University (NYU), the Neanderthal man may have seemed more intelligent to us than it really was.

The experimental archaeological project found that tar, a product with a thick tarry texture resulting from the dry distillation of wood or bark of various species of trees and shrubs, used by our cousins ​​to construct tools, did not require a complex process at all, so it cannot be evidence of a high level of development cognitive and cultural. One of the problems occurring during research and attempts to understand our past is the fact that although technology is constantly changing and developing, until recently – which is obvious – was not described in any way, so all we have to do is guess.

As a result, archaeologists often look at evidence that our ancestors did something complicated, e.g. melted metals or baked bread, but are unable to determine how they did it. That is why experimental archeology was created, in which scientists try on found reverse engineering objects to determine how they actually arose techguides. For example, experiments on how copper was first melted began by throwing a few pieces of malachite into the fire and wondering why it wasn’t melting, but eventually led to the discovery that it was a case of the past, when ancient potters, who used copper ore when decorating their dishes, one day found pieces of metal in their furnaces.

Of course, it is not always possible to properly decipher the puzzle, which is why we often find ourselves in a blind alley, and apparently this is the case with Neanderthals and their pitch. Making tar from wood is a well-known process, practiced to this day, but it is a very complex activity that requires either appropriate vessels made of metal or ceramics, or the entire tar plant, where the wood is meticulously laid, covered with earth and clay, and then set on fire to due to lack of oxygen, it turned into carbon. It was the knowledge of this process that confirmed many scientists that Neanderthals were intellectually and culturally advanced – research showed that their tools used tar as an adhesive to attach stone fragments to wood or bones.

However, when the scientists mentioned at the beginning looked at this issue, they discovered that there was definitely an easier way to obtain tar from raw materials, e.g. birch bark. Instead of building complicated equipment, it was enough to collect fresh or dead birch bark and set it on fire. Researchers quickly decided to test their theory in practice, so they laid birch bark on the stones by the river and set fire to it – after 3 hours, the stones were covered with a black, greasy substance, i.e. tar. They took their pitch for research in the laboratory, where it turned out that in terms of composition, it was very similar to that found on Neanderthal instruments.

What’s more, they followed the blow and constructed a tool similar to those found during excavations, which confirmed that the binder was very durable and could easily withstand hitting or scraping the outer membrane from the calf femur. In short, the method is very simple and works in practice, which is why scientists have recognized that only Neanderthal tools alone cannot be a determinant of the high intellectual or cultural level of this species.


Russian police intercept drone with futuristic weapon during protest

Recently, Russian cities are increasingly protesting against the ruining governments of Putin and the company. Young people are fed up with poverty and do not want to allow permanent surveillance and control of the Internet.

During one of the protests that took place in the Russian capital, the police carried out a spectacular takeover of the Mavic 2 Pro drone from DJI. The whole situation looked quite comical and reminiscent of scenes from a sci-fi movie, because the police used a futuristic-looking weapon to take over the drone.

One of the policemen, with the help of this invention, which is a combination of a rifle and a television antenna, was to drown out radio signals at 2.4 and 5 Ghz frequencies transmitted between the drone and the controller and, thus, take control of the machine. The action went perfectly. A second policeman picked up a drone worth over PLN 5,000 directly in front of hundreds of protesters streaming audit.

Experts estimated, however, that it was a well-organized bill. It was intended to intimidate protesters not to use drones to record events from the air. To drown out the frequencies at which drones communicate with controllers, they use much less spectacular devices that certainly would not arouse such interest in the media and not inscribed in the Kremlin’s beautiful propaganda actions.


Recent research shows that drinking tap water can lower intelligence

Like the boomerang, the topic of tap water has returned to us, which due to the presence of fluoride is supposed to contribute to low IQ levels in children. Is this really possible? Everything indicates that yes!

New research by Canadian researchers is again raising the topic of the relationship between fluoride in water and low levels of intelligence in children, and more specifically, it should be concluded that the consumption of tap water by pregnant women is expected to result in a much lower level of intelligence of such offspring than other children. It is true that part of the scientific community reacted quickly to these revelations, claiming that the evidence is weak and insignificant, but it can not be hidden that not everyone shares this position.

Scientists invited 500 mother-child pairs to study, women consumed tap water during pregnancy, and researchers checked the level of fluoride in their urine, supplementing data with water consumption declared by women. The level of intelligence of the children was assessed between the third and fourth year of their lives, which allowed researchers to make the following conclusions. A 1-mg / L increase in fluoride in the mother’s urine during pregnancy causes a 4.5 point reduction in her child’s IQ level – interestingly, this relationship was only seen in boys. As for self-monitoring of fluoride intake, an increase of 1 mg resulted in a 3.7 point decrease in IQ for both boys and girls.

Already at first glance you can notice here some inaccuracies that are pointed out by Stuart Ritchie from King’s College London: – In the first analysis we have a significant impact on boys, and in the second the effect is not stronger for them than for girls, so these results are erratic. Others point to the methodology that was chosen to prove the theory, and others to the fact that by the time of research, i.e. reaching the age of 3-4 years, these children could have been exposed to many devastating factors that could have caused a level reduction intelligence, e.g world top technology. lead.

However, according to researchers and the publisher who decided to publish these studies, they are well aware of the nature of the topic dividing the environment. However, they indicate that the theory regarding the impact of tap water on the child’s intelligence cannot be clearly refuted, so due to the potential neurotoxicity of fluoride it deserves further research, hence the decision to publish the results of the study. Therefore, it remains for us other than just to wait for further tests, because it can not be hidden that this issue is certainly of interest to many future mothers.


Huawei is not yet selling foldable Mate X, and is already working on its successor

At the last minute, the Chinese have stopped the premiere of their first folding smartphone in store, because they want to see what the reaction of people to the folded Galaxy Fold will be and are going to further refine their gadget.

Meanwhile, we are receiving news about the successor of Mate X. Chinese technology services have revealed that the concern already has a prototype of the next version of Mate X. The smartphone is to have at least two screens, a glass housing and offer a larger work area.

For now, we need to be patient and wait for the first model to hit stores in November this year. If he will enjoy a lot of interest, and all the signs in heaven and earth say that it will be so, then his successor should appear on the market already in spring 2020. Huawei calculates that by 2024, sales of such innovative devices are expected to reach 50 million units annually.

It is almost certain that both smartphones will have a new system called Harmony OS. According to the information disclosed, it is to be perfectly adapted to new folding devices with flexible screens, so we can expect that these devices will meet all the hopes placed in them.

Huawei also announced that it is beginning work on the future 6G network. Although only 5G is crawling in this country and throughout Asia, it seems to be a good step. By determining the path of development of mobile devices, which are becoming an integral part of people, we will be able to better predict how communication will take place in the future and respond to it accordingly.

End of arbitrariness regarding genetic modification in humans

Genetic modifications made by He Jiankii to three Chinese children were hailed as immoral and non-toxic by the scientific world. Now, finally, we have a decisive response from the government there.

We would like to remind you that He Jiankui, a biotechnologist until recently working at the South China University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, has made genetic modifications in children. His goal was to improve them. With the help of the powerful biotechnology tool of recent years, CRISPR-Cas9, the CCR5 gene has been removed from their embryos, the lack of which in the human genome results in complete resistance to HIV infection and increased intellectual performance.

His research was kept secret from both the university authorities and the parents of the children and the government. When Jiankui himself announced this to the world in electronic media, a wave of controversy over his actions flooded our planet. The Chinese government immediately imprisoned the scientist in house arrest and even announced that he would face the death penalty. However, only now, after nearly 9 months from the disclosure of this practice, the country’s authorities decided to introduce a new law that will regulate these issues.

As we might have expected, from now on all biotechnology companies and institutions operating throughout the country will be extremely closely monitored in terms of performing experiments on humans, namely embryos and stem cells, and the use of CRISPR-Cas9 technology, together with its derivatives. This means that there will be no more genetic modifications to humans that are not controlled by governmental institutions.

He Jiankui, after a series of experiments, wanted to start mass production of genetically modified children on request. He was to do it with the help of domestic and foreign companies. The most important aspect of his work was to increase children’s intellectual ability, resistance to HIV, heart disease and the entire cardiovascular system, as well as to eliminate all genetic defects. In the future, along with the development of genetics, the scientist was to successively expand his offer to improve children. Apparently, in Asia, such services can enjoy the enormous interest of future parents who want their children to stand out from others by something extraordinary.

Jiankii’s visions have now become a thing of the past. The purpose of the new Chinese government law is simple and understandable. It is about preventing mass experiments carried out by self-proclaimed gods, which are associated with the mass death of living beings and can lead to the formation of genetic defects extremely dangerous to humanity. However, the government does not intend to completely give up or block such experiments. However, they will be strictly controlled and conducted in the most secure, thought-out and predictable manner, and above all, ethical and moral.

Top Movie Streaming Sites in 2019

Best Free Videos Streaming Sites Without Sign Up Required 2019

We know that watching movies and TV series is a perfect method to relax and spend your free time. New films are coming to cinema almost every day, as well as many new TV series episodes.

If you do not want to spend money to go to the theater and watch all the new movies, you must use our top movie streaming sites in 2019.

  1. FMovies – top website in our ranking of Top Movie Streaming Sites in 2019. Fmovies is well known streaming website. It provides visitors over fourty thousands of movies to watch online. Movies can be viewed in HD quality up to 4K. The choice of tv series is also facilitated thanks to a decent available catalog. All titles are ordered and grouped by genre, even by rating. Generally, this site is considered a great site for streaming videos where people can really enjoy watching what they want in their spare time.
  2. SolarMovie – second best website in our ranking of top movie streaming sites. Although this streaming site is free, SolarMovie is really nice when it comes to advertising. They do not display too big amount of ads. Because there are less ads, you can enjoy streaming without too many interruptions. You can watch movies both in 1080p or HD quality. Almost all genres are available on their website, from action movies to comedy and animation. You don’t need to pay to check the collection of SolarMovie. All you need to prepare for this is a fast enough Internet connection, so you do not have to constantly repeat buffering.
  3. GoMovies
    Third top website in our ranking and the last on the podium. GoMovies is one of the best free film streaming services without registration. Definitely one of the best free streaming websites in 2019. You can watch any movies or TV Show on this network. All you need to do is choose the movie you want to watch. This site has also TV Shows from many countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, India and many more. You can also select the movie quality, including 480p, 720p and Full HD quality. By the way, Solar Movie provides all new cinema movies from Hollywood and other movies released in cinemas from all over the world. You can find the movie you are looking for using the search box on the top of the website. It is available in several categories, like years of release, genres, country of release and title.
  4. Putlocker – not every streaming website has also anime series, on PutLocker you can watch online both: new cinema movies like Avengers: Endgame, Lion King and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood or your favorite anime series. If you like movies and anime, is the right page for you. This website contains many titles from Hollywood and other parts of the world. Here you can watch the movie and anime. In addition, TV series are also available. It is basically very complete and can satisfy all film lovers. Choosing what to watch is also easy. Movies and other content are sorted alphabetically, so it’s easier to find them. The best thing about this network is that you can ask for a video if the one you’re looking for is not yet available on the top movie streaming sites in 2019.
  5. Yesmovies – for those who want to stream movies and tv series in High Definition (HD) quality, check out yesmovies. This streaming site provide it’s visitors only movies in 720p or 1080p quality. TV Series and TV shows are available on their network too. It is very easy to use and everyone can watch all movies for free, without need of signing up. It has a decent catalog and everything has it’s own genre and title. You can also sort movies by release date, as well as imdb rating, reviews and number of unique users views.
  6. 123movies – this site has a rich collection of movies, TV series, Anime, Cartoons, TV shows and so on. This content does not only come from the United States and United Kingdom. 123movies has collection from many more countries. Including Japan, China, India, Australia, New Zaeland, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Poland, France and many more. In this network you can essentially watch tv shows from all over the world. This is a free website without account registration needed. Simply find the movie you are looking for and click on it’s poster, that’s all! 123movies will not ask for a credit card information, telephone number and won’t push you to the payment gateway. You can watch movies and tv series for free and no one will charge you for viewing content. This is absolutely one of the top movie streaming sites in 2019.
  7. Vipmovies – If your wish is to easily watch movies and TV series without waste your time for commercials every two minutes, you should visit Vipmovies. This website is very good in comparition to other movie sites because it got a user-friendly panel, so anyone can use it easily. Small amount of ad buttons, popups and banners makes streaming movies on this page look better. Here you can browse any movies or shows. Navbar menu is very easy and intuitive to use even for beginners. There are many categories that can help you, including movie category, title, imdb rating, views amount, user rating and more.
  8. GoMoviesHub – gomovieshub is a website with a big collection of movies, series, anime series and anime movies. You can also find videos about sports and past sport matches and livestreams on this page. TV Shows from TV channels like MTV or Discovery Channel and so on can be easily found on this page. All you need to do to view the content of this website is basically nothing. Just choose what you want to watch, then press the play button. It’s easy to even not sign up for anything.

The first smartphone in Poland with 5G already in Play. Take part in the future network tests

Huawei Mate 20 X 5G debuted in our country at the beginning of July, but only now the first operator decided to put it in its offer. You probably think, why a smartphone like that, if there is no 5G network.

And here is the dog buried. Well, you can buy a Chinese smartphone as part of a subscription or without and join the tests of the future network, e.g. in Torun, where Play began experiments with 5G. Interestingly, the partner of the operator is the Huawei company, which recently enjoys in Europe and America in a bad name, and this is due to the giant spy affair for the Chinese government.

“Today, the most modern smartphones 5G, Huawei Mate 20 X 5G hit the PLAY offer. No operator in Poland has decided to take a similar step. The introduction of the first 5G smartphone for sale is the next stage of the implementation of the fifth generation network by PLAY. The Huawei Mate 20 X 5G smartphone will be available in all PLAY subscription offers and without contract. Orders can be placed in the online store The phone can also be ordered in Play stores, in this case, after the contract in the salon, the telephone will be sent to the indicated customer’s address from the central warehouse “- we read in the operator’s statement.

According to Play, the pilot will start “from a cluster of 5 sectors, using the Huawei 5G C-band CPE V1.0 router, using 100 MHz, in the 3.5-3.6 GHz frequency band”. In the first place, the most demanding users will be invited to the 5G network tests. If you buy the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G you will be able to try to include from the tests. The phone in the store costs PLN 4299 without a subscription, while the SOLO M subscription fee will cost PLN 4,169.

“The 5G READY network is now available in 24% of the PLAY network, and by the end of the year this indicator will increase to 38%. Pilotage in Torun is another stage of dynamic infrastructure development, preparing us for the full implementation of 5G technology. We appreciate the cooperation with our technology partner Huawei, in the implementation of this exciting undertaking “- said Michał Ziółkowski, Member of the Management Board of Technical Affairs.

On the occasion of the construction of the 5G network in our country. it is worth adding that only closed tests will continue for now. We will be able to talk about a commercial service in about two years. Meanwhile, it is the smartphone from Huawei, or Mate 20 X will be the first in Poland, from which you can connect with the super-fast 5G network.

See how the super-glider let a 17.5-ton truck lift into the air

The German company Delo specializes in the production of cosmically resistant adhesives, thanks to which two different elements can be combined. Such binding is so strong and durable that it’s hard to believe.

The company, based in German Winds, produces specialized industrial adhesives not only for the European market, but for the whole world. Her authorities are so proud of their products that they decided to advertise them in an unusual way, and at the same time to write in the pages of the World Guinness Book of Records with a cosmic feat.

It consisted of raising, using a weighing crane, a trifle, 17.5 tons of a truck. And there would be nothing extraordinary about it, because such things are done every day all over the world were it not for the fact that all this weight was to rest on two aluminum cylinders, which would be glued together with the super-glue Delo Monopox.

To make the whole feat recognized, a 17.5-ton truck had to hang at 1 meter for 1 hour. Engineers glued the cylinders using only 3 grams of this cosmic glue, and the effect exceeded all expectations, not only the Delo authorities, but also the employees and representatives of the World Guinness Book of Records.

It is worth emphasizing here that the previous record was also established by Delo. It was in 2013. The truck then weighed 16.3 tons, and the gluing area was 40 cm2. Engineers have slightly improved their glue for several years, so we managed to reduce the gluing area to 39.8 cm2. Interestingly, the force acting on the front connections was exactly 43.1 N / mm2.