The Chinese are developing their innovative technologies in the world of mobile devices at a frantic pace. We can safely say that they have already defeated the Americans and Koreans on this issue, but they have not said their last word yet.

A very interesting but controversial idea came from the engineers of the popular Xiaomi company, which offers top smartphones at a reasonable price in many countries. Soon, their happy owners will receive a new boon in the form of the possibility of controlling the smartphone using gestures evoked in a unique form. It’s about a solution called 3D Air Gestures.

Behind this enigmatically sounding name was the execution of gestures in the air. So, to turn on an application that interests you, he can make a gesture with a smartphone in the air, for example, sketch the letter Y, and on the screen, for example, YouTube will appear. For many it will probably be an interesting innovation, but rather they will not use it on a daily basis, because much faster you can simply click on the icon, but better rydz than nothing.

On the above video you can see the 3D Air Gestures gesture control function in action. At the moment Xiaomi is still testing it among employees, but it is almost certain that soon it will go to the manufacturer’s smartphone along with the new version of MIUI 10x software.

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