Most of us without our smartphone in sight feel practically like without a hand, but at the same time it is difficult for us to admit that we have a problem with addiction to new technologies.

However, if we notice a problem and want to repair our relationship with a smartphone and other mobile devices a bit, then Light Phone II will help us. Of course, no one expects us to completely cut off contact with the world, but limiting communications to the necessary minimum may prove beneficial in many cases. So what is Light Phone II? All in all a basic smartphone, but designed with the aim of reaching for it as rarely as possible.

All to cut off the flood of overwhelming amounts of information from social media that put pressure on us and force us to spend long hours with eyes gazing at the screen – as recent studies show, we often break our sleep just to look at the notifications! And here the minimalist Light Phone phones come into action, which only offer basic communication options, i.e. conversations and text messages, and several other functions.

With the help of Light Phone II, we can call and write messages, we have a calendar, calculator, alarm, notebook and the option to listen to music (3.5 mm jack) and as the originators of the project say: – Light Phone II will never have social media , channels, ads, news and emails. As for the specification, we are talking primarily about a small 2.84-inch E Ink touch screen, battery providing up to 13 days of standby time, a microUSB port for charging and Bluetooth connectivity.

In short, components from the previous era that have no chance in the clash even with the most budget smartphones recently hit the market, but that was the concept of the manufacturer darknethub. And everything would be fine if it wasn’t for the prohibitive price of as much as $ 350 – of course we all understand the idea of ​​the project, but if you can have a decent smartphone for the same amount of money, it will be difficult to convince anyone to buy. Or maybe we are wrong and the manufacturer will initiate a new trend with his solution? We’ll find out in October, because then the device will officially hit the market.