Is the new “Mulan” worth it on Disney? We are discussing the remake

Instead of being shown in the cinema, “Mulan” now appears directly on Disney. Our podcast discussion about the live version is a few months old because of the postponement, but our opinion has not changed since then …

“Tenet” recently showed that you can have a successful cinema release even in Corona times, but “Mulan” has been moved from the cinema to the streaming area in all countries in which there is Disney. So that this pays off for Disney, a fee for the so-called VIP access of 21.99 euros is due for the film in addition to the subscription costs.

Whether you are willing to pay so much for the remake of the cartoon classic (especially since it will be regularly available on Disney on December 4th), of course, everyone has to decide for themselves in the end. We can definitely recommend the film to you. You can find out why exactly in the conversation between screen love presenter Sebastian, chief critic Christoph and Esther von Moviepilot in our podcast.

We recorded the actual discussion back in March 2020 when it was still planned that “Mulan” would come to the cinema (where the opulent images also belong) VEXMOVIES. Should you be thinking of watching “Mulan” but not yet have a Disney subscription, you can secure one via this link and thus also support .

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