At the last minute, the Chinese have stopped the premiere of their first folding smartphone in store, because they want to see what the reaction of people to the folded Galaxy Fold will be and are going to further refine their gadget.

Meanwhile, we are receiving news about the successor of Mate X. Chinese technology services have revealed that the concern already has a prototype of the next version of Mate X. The smartphone is to have at least two screens, a glass housing and offer a larger work area.

For now, we need to be patient and wait for the first model to hit stores in November this year. If he will enjoy a lot of interest, and all the signs in heaven and earth say that it will be so, then his successor should appear on the market already in spring 2020. Huawei calculates that by 2024, sales of such innovative devices are expected to reach 50 million units annually.

It is almost certain that both smartphones will have a new system called Harmony OS. According to the information disclosed, it is to be perfectly adapted to new folding devices with flexible screens, so we can expect that these devices will meet all the hopes placed in them.

Huawei also announced that it is beginning work on the future 6G network. Although only 5G is crawling in this country and throughout Asia, it seems to be a good step. By determining the path of development of mobile devices, which are becoming an integral part of people, we will be able to better predict how communication will take place in the future and respond to it accordingly.

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