There has been talk for a long time about the harmfulness of social media, especially those used in excess and by too young people, meanwhile there are more studies that suggest that there are no such relationships.

New research that tracks the relationship between minors using new technologies and psychological problems suggests that there is no relationship between smartphone abuse and depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts. They are a consequence of recently published tests, which showed such a combination in the case of young girls and boys, but this was due to interrupted sleep or training rather than just using the medium.

However, it cannot be denied that mental disorders in young people are a constantly growing problem, so something must be responsible for this state of affairs. Many researchers here without hesitation indicate the development of new technologies, smartphones or social media, but so far there is not much evidence to confirm this hypothesis. What’s more, recently more and more research suggests that there is virtually no relationship between time spent on screen-stared eyes and young people’s mental problems.

The latest ones, which have been going on for several years, have focused on 400 young people and, as it turns out, failed to indicate any connection between new technologies and mental health. The respondents were 12-15 years old and themselves recorded data on the use of technology in several different ways, i.e. the number of messages sent, hours spent using the smartphone, etc. Time spent with devices was also divided into social media and other pleasures and activities with school or extra classes tipsdump.

The results showed virtually no effect of frequent use of the new technology on mental health, except for two surprising correlations. Namely, it turned out that the more messages sent, the less symptoms of depression, and when it comes to using technology for learning, the more time was devoted to it, the more the ADHD symptoms became apparent. In short, it is completely the opposite of the commonly repeated theories that new media destroys the mental health of young people.

Some time ago, other studies were published, which analyzed 10,000 teenagers aged 13-16 who had a significant increase in psychological despair that could be associated with regular use of social media. However, as it turned out, this relationship concerns sleep disorders, lack of exercise or the impact of cyberbullying, rather than the use of new technologies, which coincides with the conclusions of the latest research. According to their authors: – Social media in themselves do not hurt, but their often use can lead to disruption of other natural activities, such as sleep or sport, which affect physical and mental condition.


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