Virtual reality was supposed to be a huge breakthrough in the video game industry, but ultimately it will be only a temporary fashion … unless the secret project of Marek Zuckerberg changes something in this topic.

It can not be denied that fans of the stealth series from Ubisoft were very disappointed when it turned out that during any of this year’s industry events there was not even the slogan of the new Splinter Cell. Fisher himself has many dedicated devotees who since 2013, ie the page entitled Blacklist, can not wait to return and regularly search the web in search of even mention of a possible debut of the new game from the series. Is there a chance that they will finally find something?

It turns out that yes, because today’s reports suggest that the cult brand has taken … Facebook – although we are talking here about the exclusive version of VR, so there is no guarantee that it is a new game, not a modification of any of the earlier versions. In any case, Mark Zuckerberg himself was supposedly involved in the negotiations about the license, who personally has to watch over the success of this project, which in fact concerns two productions.

In addition to the mentioned Splinter Cella, we also have a game from the Assassin’s Creed universe, also in virtual reality. And unfortunately it’s all assurance, because, as sources close to the social giant say, he does not have a specific idea yet, what to do with all this and only knows that he wants to tempt more people to reach VR. And there is some sense in that, because the successful return of Splinter Cella and good Assassin production would surely interest players in this technology.

Unfortunately, however, it should be noted that VR is not as popular as developers would like it, and although the “virtual versions” of well-known brands, such as Skyrim or Fallout, sell quite well, there is still a lot of spectacular success. Perhaps the situation will change slightly after the release of next-generation headsets, which are to deal with many ailments of predecessors, such as irritating amounts of cabling or technical deficiencies causing nausea. Anyway, the new Splinter Cell is always great news, so we’re waiting for more information in the topic.


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