Tesla already has a Model S sedan, a smaller Model 3 sedan and a large SUV in the form of the Model X. Soon there will be a smaller SUV, i.e. Model Y, a new Roadster, a Semi truck and …

The billionaire some time ago presented on his Twitter profile a very strange and mysterious photo, which was supposed to reveal part of the body of a fully electric pickup truck. There has been no information about him for the last months, until now. Musk has just announced the imminent release of an electric working cry to dethrone the iconic Ford F-150.

Work on it has already been completed and the company is preparing for its presentation and preparation of the offer for clients. It’s no secret that Musk is almost certain that his new vehicle will enjoy cosmic interest. This is due to its amazing features.

The vehicle is supposed to look very futuristic and attract all those who not only value functionality in this type of vehicle, but also expect a fresh breeze in terms of appearance.

F-150 Fords are real monsters that are not afraid of any murderous job. However, they look quite traditional, which many people can already overcome. The pickup from Tesla is supposed to be an even larger monster, but electric. It will have two engines, one for each axle, and an active suspension adapting to any possible terrain conditions.

Musk revealed that the vehicle will have a range of 640 to 800 kilometers, had all-wheel drive and a payload of up to 1,300 kilograms. According to the billionaire, it will be a more urban workhorse, which can handle any task, and by the way you can race on the streets even with supercars.

The head of SpaceX also announced that the presentation of this interesting machine will take place in accordance with earlier assurances, i.e. within 2-3 months. Most importantly, the Tesla pickup is to be offered at a very affordable price. Musk made it clear that the price of the basic version would be around $ 49,000.

However, the fight with Ford F-150 will not be easy. The company is intensively working on the construction of a fully electric pickup truck. Recently, we could see the effect of the work on the published film, on which the prototype of the electric F-150 pulled the train set with a load in the form of other F-150s with a cosmic mass of up to 566 tons (see here).

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