NASA astronomy has announced a mission to Titan, the moon of Saturn. The drone will look for signs of life

The exploration rovers slowly but inexorably go to nothing. They will be replaced by advanced drones that will search for traces of life on alien planets and their extraordinary moons much faster, cheaper and safer. NASA has just announced the mission of a drone on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. The launch of one […]

Mobile Soon people will be waving smartphones. Then you will know that they have Xiaomi

The Chinese are developing their innovative technologies in the world of mobile devices at a frantic pace. We can safely say that they have already defeated the Americans and Koreans on this issue, but they have not said their last word yet. A very interesting but controversial idea came from the engineers of the popular […]

Apple is preparing for a revolution. The first iPhone 5G is expected to appear next year

The first Apple brand phones with a 5G modem are expected to appear next year, but not all models from 2020 will receive this module. In selected countries around the world, the 5G network is already operating, and the first manufacturers have started selling smartphones compatible with the new generation of base stations. For now, […]