The EU car industry wants electric cars to be loud. So Mercedes showed the “loud” EQC

The future of motoring is electric cars. Their domain is great performance and calm silence on board. However, EU authorities have recognized that the cars are too quiet, which leads to accidents involving pedestrians. Electricians will be arriving on European roads with each passing year. Therefore, the number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians will also […]

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Alan Turing’s technology appeared on a 50 pound British banknote

Only prominent rulers can be found on banknotes in our country and it is hard to imagine that this will change in the near future, but for example, the British just honored an outstanding scientist in this way. You can associate Turing’s name with graphic processors from Nvidia, which are customarily called after well-deserved mathematicians, […]

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Astronomy Experience the NASA landing on the moon that occurred 50 years ago

The US Space Agency has prepared a lot of attractions for the historic landing of people on the surface of the Silver Globe. Thanks to them you will be able to feel as if you were getting the moon yourself. On a website specially prepared by NASA, you can track progress and survive the entire […]

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Facebook games are secretly working on Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell in VR

Virtual reality was supposed to be a huge breakthrough in the video game industry, but ultimately it will be only a temporary fashion … unless the secret project of Marek Zuckerberg changes something in this topic. It can not be denied that fans of the stealth series from Ubisoft were very disappointed when it turned […]

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Automotive EU authorities say that electric cars can not be silent!

We just find out that the new regulations require manufacturers to equip their new electric vehicles with devices that imitate the sound of the engine, all for safety reasons. It would seem that one of the greatest advantages of electric vehicles is the fact that they can operate almost silently, especially compared to their fuel-powered […]

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Apple is preparing for a revolution. The first iPhone 5G is expected to appear next year

The first Apple brand phones with a 5G modem are expected to appear next year, but not all models from 2020 will receive this module. In selected countries around the world, the 5G network is already operating, and the first manufacturers have started selling smartphones compatible with the new generation of base stations. For now, […]