We just find out that the new regulations require manufacturers to equip their new electric vehicles with devices that imitate the sound of the engine, all for safety reasons.

It would seem that one of the greatest advantages of electric vehicles is the fact that they can operate almost silently, especially compared to their fuel-powered competitors. Meanwhile, new European regulations make us forget about it, because car companies have just been forced to … install devices that emit sounds similar to those of classic engines.

The new European Union regulations that come into force today apply to all new four-wheeled electric vehicles – these must now be equipped with the AVAS, or Acoustic Vehicle Alert System, which emits sounds similar to a traditional engine when the car’s speed drops below 20 km / h. And although most of us seem absurd, there are organizations that are demanding even greater tightening of these regulations.

As the BBC informs, although the British Guide Dogs organization welcomed the changes, it is still going to fight for electric cars that emit sounds at any speed. All because of the safety of pedestrians, especially the blind, who are guided by hearing while moving on the streets. According to British Transport Minister Michael Ellis: – New requirements will provide pedestrians with more safety when traveling on the road.

The device that emits the sound activates at a speed lower than 20 km / h, because that’s when cars are most often found near pedestrians. From 2021, all new electric cars will have to be equipped with them and we are not talking only about new models, but completely all, which means that owners of such vehicles must prepare for a new expense. We would also like to remind you that the United Kingdom has already announced in 2017 that it intends to strive for a total ban on the sale of fossil-fueled vehicles and that it will go completely electric by 2040, so new regulations are absolutely necessary here. But are you sure? Be sure to let me know what you think about it.

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