However, social media does not cause mental health problems?

There has been talk for a long time about the harmfulness of social media, especially those used in excess and by too young people, meanwhile there are more studies that suggest that there are no such relationships. New research that tracks the relationship between minors using new technologies and psychological problems suggests that there is […]

The Neanderthal was not as smart as we ever thought

As we learn from recent studies of the University of Tübingen and New York University (NYU), the Neanderthal man may have seemed more intelligent to us than it really was. The experimental archaeological project found that tar, a product with a thick tarry texture resulting from the dry distillation of wood or bark of various […]

End of arbitrariness regarding genetic modification in humans

Genetic modifications made by He Jiankii to three Chinese children were hailed as immoral and non-toxic by the scientific world. Now, finally, we have a decisive response from the government there. We would like to remind you that He Jiankui, a biotechnologist until recently working at the South China University of Science and Technology in […]