The idea of ​​wormholes is based on relativity. Thanks to this, traveling between different places in the Universe would take much less time than traveling between the same points in a straight line.

Although it’s hard for us to understand, their construction is quite simple, for the complexity of some objects traveling through space. It is worse to create such a tunnel and maintain its stability. Astrophysicists have revealed that their latest research does not rule out the existence of wormholes in most spiral galaxies, such as the Milky Way.

“Hypothetical wormholes, The wormhole, which is spoken of in theory, is that there is an area that is the entrance of this tunnel and a second area that is the exit. They are connected so that the tunnel is shorter than the distance between them. In this sense, you could travel long distances through this tunnel in a very short time, “said Michał Bejger from the Astronomical Center. Nicolaus Copernicus Polish Academy of Sciences.

To build a wormhole, you need several black holes and several infinitely long cosmic strings. Black holes can carry electrical charge. Their interior is to have a point singularity, capable of stretching and distorting space, and as a result, creating tunnels connecting them with other black holes containing opposite electrical charges.

Astronomers have proposed the concept that cosmic strings are an essential element of stability in wormholes. The strings were to be made in the first seconds after the Big Bang. They have a smaller diameter than the proton, but at the same time are longer than Mount Everest. Physicists suggest placing two sides in the tunnel. One will give it stability and the other will prevent it from collapsing.

This whole concept is very fascinating, because it is science fiction. Although scientists have provided a recipe for the construction of wormholes, we have not confirmed their existence to this day noob homepage. It’s amazing that the beautiful human mind can create coherent and meaningful theories about objects that still remain in the sphere of guesswork. Well, we have heard recently that the universe is a fairly predictable structure, so you can afford to let your imagination run free.

Astronomers are confident that with the help of new gravitational wave detectors they will be able to detect collisions of black holes and find out if they contain wormholes leading to other universes. This will be possible by observing the collisions of black holes. It is still one of the most mysterious objects in the universe for us. We’ve been studying them for decades, but only now is the opportunity to discover their biggest secrets.


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