Only prominent rulers can be found on banknotes in our country and it is hard to imagine that this will change in the near future, but for example, the British just honored an outstanding scientist in this way.

You can associate Turing’s name with graphic processors from Nvidia, which are customarily called after well-deserved mathematicians, astronomers, and the like, but apparently this is not enough for Alan Turing. An outstanding British mathematician, cryptologist, creator of the Turing machine and one of the creators of computer science, also considered the father of artificial intelligence (already in 1950 he claimed that computers will finally think themselves), which he achieved a lot for his country, but at the same time he was hurt by him to the point that he took his own life.

Now his homeland decided to atone for some of his actions from the 1950s, when homosexual Alan Turing was convicted of very indecent behavior (homosexuality was illegal in the United Kingdom then) and sent to hormone therapy, which consisted of psychiatric and chemical castration ( he could still choose to stay in prison) – the scientist could not deal with it, every two years later he led him to suicide by taking cyanide.

In 2009, the British government apologized to the researcher posthumously, and now the Bank of England decided that he should hit the new 50-pound banknote. The banknote will include not only the image of the scientist, but also his work – we can see at least computer and Turing formulas on sketches, but we will get to the final form shortly before the introduction of money into circulation in 2020. What is worth emphasizing, his candidacy won with 988 other characters, among which you can find such famous people as Stephen Hawking or Rosalind Franklin.

We remind you that Alan Turing is known primarily for machine design and breaking the code of the German Enigma encryption machine during World War II (he amended the Polish method). He has also created a foundation for modern computers and artificial intelligence, every person associated with this industry associates a test checking the intelligence of computers and robots, known as the Turing test.

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