“After Truth” beats “Tenet” in German cinemas

It was a close race, but after tickets sold, the teenage romance “After Passion 2” is now number 1 in the German cinema charts, ahead of the Nolan thriller “Tenet”.

When the author of these lines spent the last Saturday evening with old friends, none of whom are film freaks, at some point the sentence came up: “Really, the cinemas are open again?” That the cinemas have already been open for about two months must have been Apparently word gets around first – but films like “After Truth” and “Tenet” help.

1st place: “After Truth”

The cinemas need films with a large audience, it’s that simple. They need films like the teenage love drama “After Truth”, based on Anna Todd’s bestseller, which, according to figures from Blickpunkt: Film, drew almost 240,000 viewers to the cinemas from Thursday to Sunday (for which Wednesday previews of the restart, 52,000 tickets were sold). Although “After Truth” started worse than its predecessor “After Passion” in 2019 with 330,000 visitors, there was no Corona in 2019 either.

2nd place: “Tenet”

Christopher Nolan himself said it in an interview: No film can save cinema on its own. He was commenting on the industry’s enormous expectations of “Tenet” to lure the masses into the cinemas after the Corona break. Whether a film like the sci-fi thriller that is confusing for many viewers is even suitable for this in the long term, as soon as the word gets out about how demanding it is, remains to be seen – but “Tenet” is still making its very significant contribution to saving the cinemas:

According to the projections, 235,000 cinema tickets were sold in this country between Thursday and Sunday for “Tenet”, which put the film just behind “After Truth”, now has a total of 740,000 viewers and will very soon surpass Nolan’s “Dunkirk”, which has 750,000 visitors had – mind you in 2017 123movie.

The results of “Tenet” so far also give reason for hope internationally:

Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” was launched in the USA and China

Places 3-5

According to InsideKino, last weekend was the best weekend at the cinema for six months. That there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of visitor numbers is shown by positions 3 to 5, where “I Still Believe” (18,000 spectators), “Follow Me” (17,200) and “The Boonies – A great journey through time” (17,000). In times before Corona, no film with these numbers would very likely have made it into the top 5.

In the podcast: “Tenet” (initially without spoilers)


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