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Xiaomi showed the world's fastest wireless charging for smartphones

We can expect that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone will be able to charge with a power of up to 80 W. It would not be anything special, because we have already seen chargers for 120 W, if it were not for the fact that we are dealing here with wireless charging. And it's the fastest on the market today.

The Chinese have developed a material that will help build a space elevator

All thanks to scientists from the Chinese Tsinghua University. For several years, they have been conducting intensive research on a special fiber of the future, which would be characterized by extraordinary abilities. All indications are that they finally managed to create something that is ideal for building a space elevator. According to many concepts, with its help it will be possible to carry charges to the Earth's orbit, and in the future even to the moon.

Scientists have just calculated the maximum speed of sound. This is a big surprise

Usually the speed of sound is around 340 meters per second, which means that the sound wave needs just over 3 seconds to cover a kilometer. Meanwhile, a photon traveling at the speed of light travels nearly 900,000 kilometers within 3 seconds. When we see a lightning bolt, and only after a few seconds we hear a sound boom, then we can calculate how far the storm is.

Here are tiny sensors that can even throw ... moths out of the air

The main goal here is to monitor the environment, therefore the system must meet several key conditions - it must be extremely light so as not to be a burden for carriers, mounted in a way that allows remote disconnection, resistant to falls from a great height, and also works on the battery by long enough. The team responsible for the new solution ensures that they have all taken into account, so the sensor weighs literally 98 milligrams, so it will not be a problem for the moth wearing it. In addition, it is secured with a magnetic pin and a thin wire - if necessary, the operator gives a command via the application, a current begins to flow in front of the wire, generating a magnetic field that detaches the sensor.

12-year-old built a working fusion reactor and broke the Guinness World Record

There are many scientific teams working on artificial suns around the world, but effective fusion reactors will appear no sooner than in 5 years. Meanwhile, this technology is of interest to teenagers. It was one young genius who built a home fusion reactor and became the youngest designer of such inventions in history.

End of tests. Autonomous taxis take to the streets of Phoenix en masse

Waymo has been testing its self-driving taxis in Arizona for many months, but only today the Google-owned brand has boasted of having achieved a significant milestone, namely, permission to introduce general availability of its cars in Phoenix. Therefore, all interested parties will be able to use these, not only registered beta-testers, as it was so far. Of course, for us, this is an almost impossible trip, but when more users use the service, the first reliable opinions will appear on the web, which may be significant for the further development of the industry.

Scania has started testing trucks covered with solar panels

Scania has decided to experiment with the possibility of hybrid trucks with solar panels - of course, the latter will not be able to power the vehicle along the entire route, or even come close to this result, but the company believes that this will allow fuel savings of 5 20%, depending on road conditions. It is worth mentioning here that we already saw a similar project in 2017, when Dethleffs presented the idea for a trailer / mobile home covered with solar panels, but Scania hopes to turn this idea into a ready and efficient product that will interest potential customers.

Billionaires have gotten even richer because of the coronavirus pandemic

In short, this year the rich are getting richer, and the total wealth of billionaires is now a record $ 10.2 trillion! Covid-10 has had a negative impact on many industries and has contributed to the loss of jobs by millions of people, but recent studies by Swiss bank UBS and accounting firm PwC show that some have made good money from it. Since in April the total wealth of billionaires was 8 trillion dollars, and in July it was already over 10 trillion, the matter is obvious - this is a record result that beats the previous one, i.e. 8.9 trillion dollars from 2017.

There is a lot of gold in the universe, but it is unknown where it comes from

Gold can only be created by nuclear fusion. This means that they are very difficult to produce. This element usually arises in collisions of neutron stars, where, as a result of nuclear fusions, lighter nuclei fuse with each other into heavier ones at extreme temperatures. The problem is that very rarely neutron stars collide and produce gold.

A biometric scanning technology has emerged that cannot be fooled

Will it be the same this time? The creators of the new security, which is based on 3D scanning of the veins of our squares, say no, because their method is practically impossible to deceive. At the beginning, it is worth explaining that we already have security devices scanning the unique arrangement of veins, but it takes place in two dimensions, and the new system uses 3D, which significantly increases the effectiveness of protection methods based on it. Its authors are scientists from the New York University at Buffalo, who used this opportunity to use the already known technology of photoacoustic tomography.