Star Wars -Kinostarts remain unchanged – even without the Game Of Thrones -Macher

“Star Wars” -Kinostarts remain unchanged – even without the “Game Of Thrones” -Macher!

For the period after “Star Wars 9” should “Game Of Thrones” -Macher David Benioff and D.B. Weiss a new “Star Wars” trilogy realized. Meanwhile, this has done. but that does not change the dates of the next films.

As the “Star Wars” looks -Kinozukunft, is still a little uncertain. While the universe is + expanded in the near future with the new streaming service Disney (followed by the recently launched “The Mandalorian” soon be an Obi-Wan-series and one about “Rogue One” -Rebell Cassian Andor), is on the big screen after ” Star Wars 9: The rise Skywalker “(release date December 18, 2019) for a few years first rule intermission.

is on the big screen after first rule hiatus for a few years: (December 18, 2019 theatrical release) “Star Wars 9 The rise Skywalker”.

then what exactly awaits us is unclear. WHEN it goes on, however, because Disney does not want to shake obviously – despite the separation of the “Game Of Thrones” -Autoren.

Then the next “Star Wars” films come

Disney recently announced a slew of theatrical release dates known. Not only completely new dates have been revealed (about five not named Marvel movies), but also already announced once confirmed, also for the next films from a far, far away galaxy. The US data for the next “Star Wars” cinema adventure are therefore still as follows (the German dates are likely to be quite are close):

December 16, 2022
December 20, 2024
December 18, 2026

That Disney the dates and their two-year intervals shall not affect is especially so surprisingly, there is still not known who will be responsible for new movies (and is therefore likely to also give it as yet no finished scripts).

Actually, that is provided that the “Game Of Thrones” -Autorenduo David Benioff and D.B. White is to ring with the scheduled for 2022 “Star Wars” movie a whole new trilogy. However, according to an exclusive Netflix Deal (said to have also provided for discontent behind the “Star Wars” -Kulissen) now are not the two for more.

Rian Johnson, Kevin Feige, or someone else entirely

However, there are already several other candidates who could take care of the “Star Wars” slot 2,022th So are other films from “Star Wars 8” director Rian Johnson still not off the table, although Johnson himself now dangerous revealed whether its envisaged trilogy really yet to come.

but in addition to (at least) a “Star Wars” produce -Adventure also Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige VipMovies. However, considered that have in the years to deal with the further expansion of MCU already hands full – not least because it will obviously increase the frequency of Marvel films from 2021 to four per year and fig in addition now even Marvel series responsible for Disney +. For a producer role in a “Star Wars” movie, the time still might not be enough. Who would then write this and stage, would have remained in the stars.

Comes “The Mandalorian ‘to the movies?

If Disney really wants to stick to the “Star Wars” start the end of 2022 (which the studio after the recent confirmation so obviously firmly intends), you have to hurry up slowly trying to find those responsible for it. Three years may seem, although long time in such a lavish scale production is likely the time but soon become scarce.

Maybe you decide why so unceremoniously to simply heave the “Mandalorian” in 2022 from the screen to the big screen. Since the Disney + series currently very well received, Disney movie boss Alan Horn said already that he could imagine a cinema adventure of taciturn bounty hunter good. And the creative team for this if you had already gathered thanks to the series basically.

Maybe you decide why so unceremoniously to simply heave the “Mandalorian” in 2022 from the screen to the big screen.

A motherfucking Porn Star why must Spider-Man will remain part of the Marvel Universe

A “motherfucking Porn Star”: why must Spider-Man will remain part of the Marvel Universe!

The manager of Disney and Sony have been negotiating for months over whether and under what conditions Spider-Man continues to remain the MCU part. And yet is quite obvious: “Captain Marvel” star Ben Mendelsohn now speaks your language!

There have been published so far 23 films that are attributed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and all 23 of them are rated. However, this does not apply to the statement of Ben Mendelsohn ( “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”), who has the British news portal Metro explains in an interview why Spider-Man in his view, of course, continue to be a part of the MCU must remain completely no matter what now any studio bosses say. We recommend the more so only after 16 years:

“Fuck you. You can not throw from the Marvel universe but Spider-Man. He is one of their motherfucking porn stars. Boy, I can tell you quite easily list 30 characters you could throw out only once before even thinking about Spider-Man. Where: I can not think of a single character, the more important for Marvel is as Spider-Man! Since there is Hulk, there’s Thor – but none of them is as important as Spider-Man. None of them!”

Since there is Hulk, there’s Thor – but none of them is as important as Spider-Man. None of them!

The future of Spider-Man in the MCU

After the executives at Sony and Disney for previously failed negotiations are finally jumped nor their shadows, Tom Holland as Spider-Man will star another in at least two MCU films. One of the two films is of course the third “Spider-Man” -Solofilm, the other is not yet known. Spider-Man is so either stop by or solo adventure of another MCU heroes in the next major MCU superheroes meeting in “Avengers 4: Endgame” get involved again.

is Spider-Man to play further in at least two MCU films Tom Holland as FMOVIES.

At the same time, Sony will continue to work but to bring his own Marvel movie universe at the start. So to the Spider-Man newspaper boss J. Jonah Jameson (in the Mid-credit scene from “Spider-Man: Far From Home” played by J.K. Simmons) will soon be playing ever a small role in “Venom 2”. And at some point Sony will simply not want to wait longer – and his comic films (such as coming soon “Morbius”) want to connect with the help of Spider-Man to a universe.

Therefore, Kevin Feige hinted already that there are future probably two coexisting universes that hold both the same Spider-Man have.


In Legend Of Tarzan we finally hear this false cult quote

In “Legend Of Tarzan” we finally hear this false cult quote

It is one of the most famous movie quotes of all time and everyone associated it immediately with the figure Tarzan. But it is wrong. The sentence was never spoken of Tarzan. In “Legend Of Tarzan” but he is, after all, before the first time …

“Me Tarzan, you Jane”, this quote has been burned into the brains of many film fans, but if you ask where Tarzan says this sentence, you get silence or a wide variety of answers. Since there then people who are convinced that the sentence in the classic “Tarzan the Ape Man” with Johnny Weissmuller was carried forward (which is so even still wrong in action Demolition in Wikipedia and the DVD announcement of the film), others believe that Gordon Scott, the second famous and long-standing Tarzan actor in film history, spoke the words in a part of its film series.

“Me Tarzan, you Jane”, this quote has been burned into the brains of many film fans

But both are wrong. These words were as accurate of Tarzan never spoken (!) – also not in the novel templates by Edgar Rice Burroughs, where Tarzan is anyway not a wild jungle residents but well educated and has a large vocabulary in different languages.

But both are wrong. These words were as accurate of Tarzan never (!) Speaking

but not from Tarzan’s mouth – 2016 fall the words

The first Tarzan movie with the famous saying is just the 2016 by director David Yates ( “Fantastic Beasts” series) directed “Legend Of Tarzan” with Alexander Skarsgård. Again, this even does not say the words.

The famous saying comes from the mouth of Samuel L. Jackson’s character: a deliberate allusion to the legend of the famous false quote. Only since “Legend Of Tarzan” is therefore “Me Tarzan, you Jane” in the English version and “Me Tarzan, you Jane” really in the original English version a real movie quote. But how it ever came to be that a quote in our memory Branded, it did not exist until 2016?

The famous saying comes from the mouth of Samuel L. Jackson’s character: a deliberate allusion to the legend of the famous false quote

The story behind the false quote

The reason for this is probably a scene in “Tarzan the Ape Man”. In the classics Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) and Jane (Maureen O’Sullivan), whom he has kidnapped, on a tree where her-hunts a great ape fear. Tarzan takes her in his arms and chased his monkey friend. Both the first time come close and Jane realizes that she does not like so far afraid of him must have. She thanks and tried to communicate with him.

The reason for this is probably a scene in “Tarzan the Ape Man”.

It unravels a wonderful dialogue in which the wild Jane Tarzan tries to explain that she means by “me” to him, but it is exactly the other way around for him with “you”. “Me. I’m up for myself “and” For I am you say “they so among other things – to their dawns that this is too complicated for a lot of their opponent.

Therefore, then Jane changes to name basis. She explains Tarzan that they called “Jane”. And at some point he understands it, patting his chest and says his name: “Tarzan”. Then he is so excited by his discovery that he is coming back to them and “Jane” says, then points to himself and “Tarzan” says.

In the seemingly endless “Jane – Tarzan – Jane – Tarzan – …” – never the phrase “Me Tarzan, you Jane – monologue, which is only interrupted when she can no longer bear it, however, is – as in the rest of the film ” in front.

Starring Weissmuller made well for the legend

Fault that there is this accurate, false quote that was probably Johnny Weissmuller himself. Born as Johann Peter Weißmüller in what was then Austria-Hungary, as a baby emigrated with his parents to the US Star, declared shortly after the release of the film in a interview namely its transformation from athletes to actors.

Fault that there is this accurate, false quote that was probably Johnny Weissmuller himself.

Weissmuller, who swam the first man, the 100 meters in under a minute, quipped to a reporter that the change was not such a big leap: “I did not act, I said yes only Me Tarzan, you Jane.”

quipped to a reporter that the change was not such a big leap, “I had not acting, I said yes only Me Tarzan, you Jane.”

From there was the false quote in the world and was also carried on. The five-time Olympic champion was married from 1933 to 1939 with Lupe Velez. The Mexican actress, singer, dancer and comedian was at that time what you would now call it-girl and socialite star. They dominated the headlines of tabloids and especially their relationship with Weissmuller was the subject of continuous coverage – also because both very often and argued very loudly and the press so powerful gave fodder YESMOVIES.

After her divorce is made then Vélez advantage of the wrong quote. In the biography “The Life And Career Of Hollywood, Mexican Spitfire ” the story of an encounter is with a reporter. She asked why after all these years their English is still as bad. Their quick-witted and brusque reply: “I was married to the guy who only Me Tarzan, you Jane could say. ‘”

Famous wrong movie quotes

There are many other famous movie quotes that do not exist in reality that way. One of the best known is “Luke, I am your father!” This Darth Vader takes in both the German and in the original version of not “The Empire Strikes Back” at this moment his son’s name into his mouth.

On a “no” in response to Luke’s accusation that Obi-Wan told him that Vader had killed his father, follows here merely “I am your father”. Correctly called this quote, saying, “No. I am your father “or just” I am your father “.

Another example is of course the most famous purely German false quote “Look into my eyes, Small!” From “Casablanca”. For one, Rick Humphrey Bogart says in the German version, “I see you in the eye, kid” and not “look”. In addition but still: This statement is only in Germany Kult – romantic and even in Germany. You have here in the synchronization namely conscious mind changed.

In the original English version Bogart says the words “Here’s looking at you, kid” and have a completely different meaning. The phrase “Here’s looking at you” is in the English language a phrase for the toast while drinking. In reality, Rick toasts So here Ilsa just about. That leaves his character in a very different light on and is known to be not the only false cult quote in this film classic …

This text is a revised version of an already once appeared on .de article. The occasion is the TV broadcast of “Legend Of Tarzan” on November 9, 2019 at 20:15 Sat.1.


Better than Netflix How to spoil Disney + Marvel fans

Better than Netflix: How to spoil Disney + Marvel fans

Disney + is the first stop for Marvel films and serials and has good arguments in competition with Netflix. In direct comparison to the old streaming home of Disney MCU + the fans also fulfills an old wish …

“Ant-Man And The Wasp” is probably the last Marvel film that is offered at Netflix for streaming, published in 2019, “Captain Marvel”, “Avengers 4: Endgame” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home” will not appear more on the platform. Was Netflix for many years the official streaming partner of Marvel and had with series such as “Jessica Jones” even own MCU productions on offer, the popular superhero movies will be + available only at Disney after the theatrical future in streaming subscription.

Disney wants to move Marvel fans to switch over to the new service and provides for unlike other providers add value, the fans can expect from Blu-ray and DVD releases else:

As is evident from a recent test run of the platform in the Netherlands, it will be on Disney + actually possible to view bonus material on each Marvel movies.

As is evident from a recent test run of the platform in the Netherlands, it will be on Disney + actually possible to view bonus material on each Marvel movies.

Users could removed during the test run and botched scenes, reports and other bonus content to “Avengers 3: Infinity War” call that would otherwise be provided only on physical media. This feature was announced in May 2019 at an investor event (via What’s On Disney Plus).

Offer a lesser extent

It is not known whether Disney + this service for all major publications plans – eg YESMOVIES. As well as films from the “Star Wars” series or from the animated Pixar forged – or whether the bonus material is initially limited to Marvel offers. A downer for fans there’s the bargain: As a user on the discussion platform Reddit reveals no audio comments are currently planned additional offer included.

Who want to listen, comment as producers, directors, writers and actors individual scenes and decisions should probably continue to use the traditional, physical home theater version. It could be, however, that this feature will be integrated.

When will be available Disney + in Germany, is currently not known. There you go to the beginning of the 2020th

When will be available Disney + in Germany, is currently not known. There you go to the beginning of the 2020th

The world’s largest radio telescope has detected a mysterious signals from deep space

Bursts FRB dreaded astronomers for nearly 20 years. Unfortunately, today failed to explain their origin. They last a millisecond, but bring with them the energy that the sun generates throughout the month.

For years, under investigation over an attempt to explain the source and nature of these mysterious phenomena, but the more we know about them, the farther we are from knowing the whole truth. At this time it is believed that it may be signals generated by black holes, pulsars implosions, the collision of neutron stars, or magnetars, and even the effect of travel in space aliens or one of their methods to establish contact with other civilizations.

Recently, scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, decided to use the technology of artificial intelligence to search FRB flashes on the basis of those registered so far. During the experiment, lasting five hours, we were able to identify as many as 72 new high-speed radio flashes from one source away from Earth three billion years of light, increasing their number up to 300. Despite the knowledge that the source is 3 billion light years from Earth, still we do not know its exact location, and the more we can not identify what the object generates these flashes.

It is worth noting that not all the flashes come from the same place and are so energetic. In April this year detected 30 new FRB flashes that lasted just 2 milliseconds. But it was enough, he would have been immediately recognized by astronomers as unique, as are characterized by much lower frequency of recorded so far.

Most of them were in the 580 MHz and dozens of us have known the 700-900 Mhz. Recent FRB flashes were recorded by a brand new radio telescope CHIME (Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment) located in Canada. Although the detection of more and more FRB, they are still a mystery to us. Soon, however, this may change, and this is thanks to the world’s largest radio telescope.

Chinese FAST so far specialized in detecting pulsars, which is highly zmagnetyzowanych, rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation. Now, astronomers want to use it to discover new FRB flashes. FAST in the past few weeks, several dozens of detected signals coming from the same place, and in a very short time. First detected flare was defined as the FRB 121,102.

It seems that the Chinese giant called FAST is designed for this type of projects. Astronomers intend to so with his help detect hundreds or even thousands of new FRB. It is estimated that every second of the Earth there is a lot of such signals, but we are not able to detect them. Now he has to change for the better. The entire project will last nearly a decade, but it has resulted in a final solution of one of the greatest astronomical mysteries of mankind best tech advices. Fingers crossed for the success of the whole project.


Joker director also sees disadvantages in the Avengers success Marvel is a gigantic monster

“Joker” director also sees disadvantages in the “Avengers” success: “Marvel is a gigantic monster!”

Does it rather have advantages or disadvantages to develop a gigantic cinema universe? Both are the case for director Todd Phillips – and so he sells his “Joker” success story as a kind of David vs GOMOVIES. Goliath story …

Where Marvel is immobile, DC is flexible – that could at least become the new secret weapon of Warner Bros., after the plan to unify the DC blockbusters around the “Justice League” after the MCU model to a DC Extended Universe, so good as failed. Although the so-called DCEU still exists, the so far known heroes such as “Aquaman” and “Wonder Woman” will now go their own way, instead of compulsively in another “Justice League” movie after the “Avengers” -Vorbild to have to re-encounter. Apart from that, Warner has opened an interesting door for his DC films: they no longer necessarily have to be linked together.

Where Marvel is immovable, DC is flexible
But Warner has opened an interesting door for his DC films: they no longer necessarily have to be linked.

And that’s what “Joker” director Todd Phillips sees as a force, even if his statement about the MCU initially sounds like other film studios are too weak to bang on against Disney and Marvel. In an interview with The New York Times, he said, “You can not beat Marvel – it’s a gigantic monster.” But he deduced the following consequence for his “Joker”: “Let’s do something that they can not do.”

In an interview with The New York Times, he said, “You can not beat Marvel – it’s a gigantic monster.” But he deduced the following consequence for his “Joker”: “Let’s do something that they can not do.”

Marvel just can not do it all

What Marvel does not have in his – of course, mega-successful – monster franchise is, so to speak, freedom. All the pieces of the puzzle always have to go together, MCU mastermind Kevin Feige takes care of everything, and everything has to fit into Disney’s family-friendly policy. So the best strategy for other studios, Warner, for example, with his DC comic adaptations, is to offer alternatives to the audience instead of simply copying the Marvel-created Cinema Universe.

So the best strategy for other studios, Warner, for example, with his DC comic adaptations, is to offer alternatives to the audience instead of simply copying the Marvel-created Cinema Universe.

DC movies can be bleak (for “jokers”, for example, we’re tapping on a 16+ age rating), take unexpected genre directions, contradict each other, tell different timelines. With the “Joker” -film, which has echoes of “Taxi Driver”, now comes for example a completely standalone film in the DC cinema universe, in “The Batman” (theatrical release: US theatrical release: June 25, 2021) with Robert Pattinson is told the story of a young Batman. This Joker and this Batman will never meet in the cinema and with the current incarnation of z. As Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) they have nothing to do.

“Joker” is different – and thus successful

After the plan has failed to oppose the “Goliath” MCU to the “Goliath” DCEU, DC now relies on the “David” strategy: the opponent is strong, but also immobile. So with a flexible and creative strategy, where you do not have to stick to too many rules, you might still have a chance. With Phillips’ “Joker”, in which Joaquin Phoenix takes on the role of the eponymous DC villain, this bill seems to work out: The Golden Lion of Venice has the drama in his pocket, $ 100 million on the opening weekend could very soon follow if the film meets the current forecasts.

With Phillips’ “Joker”, in which Joaquin Phoenix takes on the role of the eponymous DC villain, this bill seems to work out: The Golden Lion of Venice has the drama in his pocket, $ 100 million on the opening weekend could very soon follow if the film meets the current forecasts.

“Joker” will be released on October 10, 2019 in German cinemas.


Act on the development of telecommunications networks and services already signed by the president

The Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland has just announced that on September 6, 2019, President Andrzej Duda signed the Act on the development of telecommunications services and networks, it will enter into force 30 days after being announced.

The Act on the development of telecommunications networks and services is also often referred to as the mega-act, because it introduces changes to as many as 14 existing ones. As we learn from its justification, the goal is to remove existing administrative and legal barriers that constitute an obstacle to the construction of broadband networks. This reduction of administrative, legal, procedural and financial burdens is to be a condition for Poland to achieve the objectives set out in the National Broadband Plan and commitments to provide access to modern telecommunications services resulting from membership of the European Union.

So what changes should you expect? Expanded among others definition of telecommunications infrastructure with a slight impact on the above-ground cable line, the possibility of local governments financing investment costs, a Broadband Fund was created as an instrument to support the development of broadband Internet access services from domestic funds, and a chapter was added that contains regulations regarding the creation of an Information System for Radiation Generating Installations Electromagnetic, which will be a public, free database containing information about the electromagnetic field in the environment technologi.

Rates for occupying the road lane were also reduced in relation to telecommunication infrastructure facilities and equipment, and the possibility for the local government unit to conclude the so-called investment agreement, under which, in exchange for the investor’s implementation of an investment meeting the community’s collective needs, the rate stipulated in the Act can be further reduced (such investments desired by the local government may not only be broadband networks, but also electricity, water and gas networks). Moreover, access to forest areas for placing telecommunications infrastructure in these areas has been greatly facilitated.

The modifications to the environmental protection law, where the regulation on permissible levels of electromagnetic fields in the environment has changed, cannot be omitted. In addition, from the entry into force of the Act, measurements of electromagnetic fields around installations or devices will be carried out immediately before commissioning of the installation or device, and the manager or owner of the property on which there has been a change in the existing state of development and development of the property, resulting in changes in the occurrence of places available for people around the installation or device, will be able to apply in writing for new measurements.

The Act also increases the possibilities of building infrastructure in areas where until now there was a ban or significant restrictions in this area, such as: health resorts, national parks, nature reserves (e.g. by lifting the bans and restrictions on locating non-linear telecommunications infrastructure in spa areas and enabling – in strictly defined cases and after meeting certain requirements – the construction of non-linear telecommunications infrastructure installations in the area of ​​national parks or nature reserves).


T. rex, the most famous dinosaur, had its own air conditioning in its head

Of course, the word air conditioning is a kind of abuse here, but as scientists have just discovered, this dinosaur was able to regulate its body temperature in a very interesting way.

Thermal photos of alligators taken by a team of scientists led by Casey Holliday from the University of Missouri School of Medicine suggest that Tyrannosaurus rex may have had blood vessels in the skull that helped this giant predator regulate body temperature, in other words it had biological conditioning in it. So it seems that although we have been trying to unravel the mysteries of this iconic dinosaur, which is constantly arousing the imagination of scientists and children around the world, it still hides many secrets.

T. rex lived in the Cretaceous period, some 68-66 million years ago and could boast of really impressive dimensions – it was up to 12.3 meters long and weighed up to 14 tons, and its first skeleton was discovered in 1900. Since then, staffs of researchers have been studying it piece by piece, trying to learn as much as possible about its anatomy, physiology and habits. Unfortunately, despite this more than 100 years of experience in this field, the brief still has not been able to solve all puzzles, e.g. related to his body temperature.

Until the sixties of the last century, scientists claimed that, as befits a reptile, T. rex was cold-blooded, but later there was evidence to suggest otherwise, i.e. both he and the other dinosaurs were probably warm-blooded. How was it actually? The first, the second, or maybe something completely in between? To this day it is difficult to say, but as recent experiments show, it certainly had a mechanism that made sure that the predator did not overheat or did not freeze too much.

Researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine believe that these are cranial blood vessels located in two large holes in the head of T. rexa, which acted as an internal thermostat – so far scientific circles have said that these holes are places for muscles Jaws: It’s very strange for muscles to come out of the jaw, make a 90-degree turn, and continue to the skull vault web alpha directory. Either way, we have a lot of convincing evidence for the theory of blood vessels in this place, based on our work with alligators and other reptiles, “says Casey Holliday.

To learn more about these holes, the team used thermal photos taken by alligators in St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, Florida. – Alligator body temperature depends on the environment. However, we noticed that when it was getting cold and the reptiles wanted to warm up, the thermal image showed large hot spots in said skull holes, indicating a rise in temperature. When it got warmer, the points became dark, as if someone had turned them off to keep the temperature low. This corresponds well with earlier evidence suggesting that alligators have internal thermostats.

And since there are many similarities between the skull of the alligator and T. rex, researchers believe that the dinosaur had the same mechanism. What is interesting, however, still does not answer the question whether the tyrannosaur was stable or cold-blooded, because in nature we observe similar solutions not only in reptiles, but also mammals. For example, dogs also have cranial blood vessels that protect their brains from overheating, which would be very useful for a warm-blooded predator, because it might suggest that it would be able to chase its prey until the same one died from overheating. In short, we still have many questions, but there is no guarantee that we will ever get answers to them.


Light Phone II, i.e. a smartphone to fight addiction to … a smartphone

Most of us without our smartphone in sight feel practically like without a hand, but at the same time it is difficult for us to admit that we have a problem with addiction to new technologies.

However, if we notice a problem and want to repair our relationship with a smartphone and other mobile devices a bit, then Light Phone II will help us. Of course, no one expects us to completely cut off contact with the world, but limiting communications to the necessary minimum may prove beneficial in many cases. So what is Light Phone II? All in all a basic smartphone, but designed with the aim of reaching for it as rarely as possible.

All to cut off the flood of overwhelming amounts of information from social media that put pressure on us and force us to spend long hours with eyes gazing at the screen – as recent studies show, we often break our sleep just to look at the notifications! And here the minimalist Light Phone phones come into action, which only offer basic communication options, i.e. conversations and text messages, and several other functions.

With the help of Light Phone II, we can call and write messages, we have a calendar, calculator, alarm, notebook and the option to listen to music (3.5 mm jack) and as the originators of the project say: – Light Phone II will never have social media , channels, ads, news and emails. As for the specification, we are talking primarily about a small 2.84-inch E Ink touch screen, battery providing up to 13 days of standby time, a microUSB port for charging and Bluetooth connectivity.

In short, components from the previous era that have no chance in the clash even with the most budget smartphones recently hit the market, but that was the concept of the manufacturer darknethub. And everything would be fine if it wasn’t for the prohibitive price of as much as $ 350 – of course we all understand the idea of ​​the project, but if you can have a decent smartphone for the same amount of money, it will be difficult to convince anyone to buy. Or maybe we are wrong and the manufacturer will initiate a new trend with his solution? We’ll find out in October, because then the device will officially hit the market.


India is becoming new China. Cheap workforce makes iPhones for $ 4 a day

Someone had to make money from the trade war between the United States and China, and the latest reports suggest that it will be Foxconn, who wants to use India for this purpose, which is growing to the next power.

Foxconn believes that this will be the best place to assemble all future iPhones, and the local government confirms the concern in this belief, believing that his country will win something for themselves and eventually become a global electronics production center 1337 directory. Will this work out? It is hard to say, but given that Apple must be ready for a 10-15% tariff imposed by the Donald Trump administration on goods imported from China, it will certainly be looking for a cheaper alternative, which may be India.

Until now, the American giant was looking around in Brazil and Vietnam (following the example of Google, which wants to assemble its Pixel smartphones in the latter country), but everything indicates that India may be a better option. Foxconn has already built two factories there and is waiting for building permits for another two to gradually increase its share in the production of new iPhones. And why India? According to Bloomberg, the matter is simple, there is a lot of very cheap labor there, and we are talking about a level comparable with China.

The Indian government had previously been rather reluctant to cooperate with major manufacturers, but now it has apparently changed its mind and intends to make a solid profit from the war between the US and China. What’s more, the necessary actions have already been taken to adapt local regulations to new conditions and encourage manufacturers to build factories – but it is worth remembering that a lot has to happen on the spot, because even now road and rail infrastructure is not ready for an increased number of producers and implementation of huge supply chains. Either way, the government’s plan is to increase India’s manufacturing value from $ 25 billion to $ 400 billion by 2024.

According to Anshul Gupta, a researcher from Gartner India: – Everything is starting to shape. India can increase its production capacity and help the world become independent of China. It took China 30 years to reach its current position, but now many large concerns, such as Amazon, Apple, Google or Dell have expressed interest in India, so it can go much faster.

Unfortunately, there are also less pleasant sides of the whole process, namely the current Foxconn factories employ mainly women who get $ 4 a day for assembling such equipment as iPhone X, XS or alternatives from Xiaomi. For many women, this is an opportunity to take up their first job away from home, for which they are paid and a chance to live above the poverty line, but it can not be hidden that $ 130 a month is not very impressive, and Foxconn has a lot of employment controversy minors and poor working conditions, so it would be good if someone had their finger on the pulse.